Bali's best kept secret: BatuKaru Mountain Farmstay.

During our last trip to Bali we took the opportunity to rent a cheap Suzuki Jeep ($11 per day) and, in a week and a half, covered as much of the tropical Island as possible. Exploring the island by Jeep will remain one of my absolute favourite things that we’ve done on our travels. The first stop on our trip was Batukaru Mountain Farmstay…


Big Country, A New Travel Series By US Cellular.

Adventure is just one of those things that Lauren and I are drawn to and we’ve been lucky, both of our families were pretty fantastic at getting us out over long-weekends or during school holidays to explore, go camping, and rough it up a little. I suspect those years played a huge part in where we are now…


A perfect Safari at Jackalberry Lodge

We are off again. Themba notices some tracks but doesn’t disclose what they are. We head into a rather dense region, clueless of what we are about to see. Then I spot him and my heart starts to pound. Can this be or are my eyes playing tricks on me? He is so well camouflaged that you might mistake him for a tree stump. We park the vehicle and wait … there are two of them!