Scuba Diving on Tioman: Part One

I’ve split my "Scuba Dive on Tioman" experience up into two parts as it became immediately apparent that I just can't stop talking about diving!  And, also, there is actually a pretty cool backstory here - for the people who are bored enough to read about my life, that is!  You can jump straight to ...

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[Giveaway] Win a Vineyard Hotel Escape for Two!

Itching to get away from it all, but don't want to leave the city? Well, if you're based in or around Cape Town, this month's Weekend Escape is PERFECT for you. And if you aren't in Cape Town but are planning to be there this June, you are still eligible and very welcome to enter and experience a ...

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Crouch, Touch, Johannesburg.

What?  If you’ve been following social media over the last couple of years, you’re bound to have heard a lot about the new things going down in Johannesburg town. People are coming together, new cultural hubs are emerging and, as a result, the social landscape of the big city has undergone a ...

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