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Your Ultimate Guide to Southeast Asia Yacht Charters

Southeast Asia offers a bounty of rich sailing experiences. Tourists flock to it yearly because it has the most exotic, thrilling, and mysterious places on the planet. From destinations for sailing highs to spiritual retreats, Southeast Asia does not miss a bit. You’ve never truly explored the world if you haven’t been to Southeast Asia. 

If you’re ready to explore new locations and you’re ready to up your sailing game, Southeast Asia should be your next destination. This guide will give you an idea as to how fantastic sailing around Southeast Asia could be. After reading this, you’d fully be aware of the following:

Everything You Need to Know Before Embarking on a Southeast Asia Yacht Charter Holiday

I. Southeast Asia Yacht Charter Scene

Southeast Asia’s Yacht Charter scene is booming. More and more people are now aware of its hidden spots, exotic beaches, and almost endless tropical coastlines. It is the ultimate spot on the planet if you want to languish if you want to revel and fully relax under the sun for long periods of time. With the variety of cultures, locations, history, and delicacies that you will encounter, Southeast and been closed to people for decades. 

II.Southeast Asia Yacht Charter Destinations

a. Thailand

Exploring Thailand will give you a chance to navigate around 3,000 km of beautiful beaches, world-class diving spots, and amazing rock formations. The best spots to yacht charter in Thailand are as follows:

1. Koh Chang

2. Phuket

3. Koh Samui

India’s Andaman Islands are also easily accessible through a yacht charter in Thailand.

b. The Philippines

Home to the most beautiful beach in the world, Boracay White Beach, you will never go wrong if you’d charter a yacht and sail around the Philippines. The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands so it’s easily one of the best countries to visit if you’re up for an exciting and exotic sailing holiday. The following yacht charter bases near the country’s most beautiful beaches are highly recommended:

1. Palawan

2. Boracay

3. Luzon 

c. Singapore

Singapore is the spot to beat if you’re after short charters. You’d enjoy a relaxing sail with a view of its impressive skyline and cosmopolitan culture. It has all the luxury and everything that the modern world offers, so a Singapore yacht charter can easily make you feel like you’ve been around the world without even leaving the city. 

d. Malaysia

Malaysia is ideal if you want a chill sailing experience around Southeast Asia with access to delicious food day in and day out. Its enchanting islands offer a unique relaxing tropical vibe that no place in the world can imitate. Renting a yacht charter company that services the following areas is ideal:

1. Langawi

2. Penang

3. Tiaman Islands

e. Indonesia

Yacht charter around Bali if you’re ready to be mystical and adventurous. You’d feel rejuvenated by simply experiencing Bali’s unique culture through its arts, temples, and food. Bali is also the place to be if you’re after enjoying exciting nightlife activities. Check out the following spots during your charter:

1. Banda Sea

2. Raja Ampat

3. Lombok 

III. Transport to Southeast Asia

Traveling to Southeast Asia is now significantly easier. If you’re coming from Australia, Europe, or the US, you’d simply need to fly into central hubs like Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You need to be careful with your visa though as some countries like Cambodia, require advance visa application. 

IV. Cost of Living in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most affordable regions to travel to in the world. You won’t feel a dent in your wallet even if you’d opt for a week-long yacht charter holiday with your family. You’d be amazed at how you’d be able to afford the most delicious foods and luxurious accommodations and still have so much money for shopping for family and friends back home.

V. Sailing Activities in Southeast Asia

You’d enjoy the following activities in the region:

1. Island-hopping

2. Diving in world-class spots

3. Surfing

4. Snorkeling

5. Whale watching

6. Game fishing

7. Spa 

VI. Climate

You will enjoy almost endless hours of moments under the sun as Southeast Asia is a mainly tropical region. Temperature plays around 30°C on a daily basis. Humidity varies depending on the region. Bangkok and Singapore are two of its significantly more humid areas. 

VII. Language

You won’t be lost in translation if you’d sail around Southeast Asia because English is widely used by locals in the region.  If you’re after a country where everyone can easily converse with you in English, pick the Philippines. The Philippines is known as the 3rd largest English-speaking country on the planet. This is because it was colonized by the Americans for almost five decades during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

VIII. Food

Southeast Asia’s cuisine is a premium experience that everyone should at least get a chance to enjoy. Foods from its different regions are & spiced and flavoured. You’d be amazed at how each region was able to smoothly and harmoniously balance different temperatures, textures, and flavors in creating life-changing dishes. It is a must that you go on a food trip around the region!

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