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Why You Should Add an African Safari to your Bucket List

Guest Contribution

With global travel having been brought to a virtual standstill, there’s plenty of opportunities to plan for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure. When you’re composing your bucket list, a few sorts of trip might stand out. You might have always wanted to hike in the Himalayas or to take a trip along the Nile. But for lovers of nature, few prospects hold greater appeal than that of Safari holidays, and particularly African ones. So why should you add an African safari to your bucket list?


Of course, the main attraction of a safari adventure is the opportunity it provides to catch a glimpse of some of the most amazing creatures on Planet Earth. A lot of attention is rightly placed on the ‘big five’ game animals (namely the lion, the elephant, the leopard, the rhino and the water buffalo), but there’s a whole ecosystem to uncover and marvel at – and doing so fully might require multiple trips.


Part of the joy of being on Safari is that you’ll be taken around by an experienced, knowledgeable guide. They’ll take you to where the animals are, but they’ll also provide fascinating insights into the environment and the way it’s looked after and preserved. This is the sort of first-hand information that you won’t be able to get from reading a book or watching a TV documentary – so make sure that you have plenty of questions to hand.

Photo ops

Another reason to take a trip to this part of the world is the abundance of photo opportunities you’ll come across. Those with an interest in photography will assuredly want to bring along a camera – but most people will want to take a few once-in-a-lifetime snaps to upload to Instagram, and to look back on fondly after the trip is done with.

Cultural wealth

Safari adventures aren’t just about the natural world. They’re also a chance to absorb some of Africa’s considerable cultural diversity. The continent is home to fifty-four countries, each bursting with an abundance of ethnic groups and tribes. Of course, not all of these tribes have a museum attached to them – but there are plenty of museums to be found in major cities like Johannesburg. You’ll notice that even if you visit more westernised urban areas, there’s a distinctly different outlook on life and culture that should be appreciated.


If you’re the sort of person who loves nature, then you might feel a bit conflicted about the idea of enjoying it – especially if you know that your enjoyment is having a negative impact. A safari trip allows you to contribute toward conservation efforts, and help all of the natural wonders you encounter to be preserved.

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