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What to Bring with You When You Go Whale Watching

A whale watch skipper and their crew are up early on the morning of the trip, examining weather and sea condition reports to ensure that they are properly prepared, both personally and in terms of the boat, for the impending expedition. The crew’s packing list has several goods that should be on yours as well!

If you’re a frequent whale watcher, you’ve likely experienced firsthand what it’s like to be unprepared or when you’ve just forgotten to bring anything that was on your boat bag list. If this is the case, you’re not alone. If you’re new to whale watching, you might not be aware of the equipment that will be useful.

Do not worry; this post is here to assist you in making sure that you have all you require!

A Great Camera

The camera is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment when whale watching in Narooma. Even though it may seem apparent, we would like to offer a few adjustments to your camera setup that will make life a bit simpler on the day of the event.

Make certain that your camera is equipped with either a wrist strap or, even better, a neck strap. Trying to move from one side of a swaying boat to the other may make for some tense situations. By wearing a camera strap over your wrist or neck, you’ll have both hands free to grab onto a rail and maintain your balance while photographing.

Many touring companies have witnessed a few unfortunate falls when people tried to save their cameras instead of themselves. Most touring businesses would much rather have a group of whale watchers who are happy and safe than a group of injured whale watchers.

Warm Jacket

Winter or early spring are some of the best times to go whale watching. If you plan to go whale watching any place in Australia, it is conceivable that the weather may get slightly cool during the daytime hours.

Some whale watching tours offer to rent tourists warm and wind-proof jackets, but there is no guarantee of size and fit. It is far better to have your own. Bringing your own warm jacket is the best way to ensure that you keep warm and dry when out in the elements. In addition, make certain that it is wind- and water-resistant since the winter breeze may rapidly turn unpleasant!

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