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Ways to Make Flights Less Stressful

During the start of 2020, we all had hope for a new year. A new year meant a fresh start. Healing from past situations or mistakes, learning a new skill you’ve been putting off, meeting new people, or travelling to a new country. We were all hopeful, until the pandemic happened. Since then, we have been quarantined in our homes for our own safety. Just when we thought we could see the world in a new perspective, it’s taken away from us. It’s frustrating, and we totally understand. We were never ready for our lives to not completely stop, but to pause. Having no choice, everything we ever looked forward to for the year was completely put to the side. It’s safe to say that this 6 month quarantine has taken a toll on everybody, where it be mental health, productivity or even daily life, it might feel like a struggle to get out of bed. Although it is completely valid to experience these things especially when you’ve been in isolation, we know that you’d rather be snorkeling, laying by the beach, hiking up a mountain, walking around the city, or catching the earliest flight to whichever destination you desire. 

During the start, everything was on lockdown, which means going out was completely prohibited unless needed. A few months into this pandemic, most if not all states have loosened their policies on going outside. Although wearing a mask, a face shield and even washing your hands can prevent you from catching the virus, you might ask yourself, is doing all these precautions really worth going outside?Taking these precautions is essential but it doesn’t necessarily give you immunity. If you are someone who is yearning for the outdoors or maybe a little bit of interaction, the answer is yes. We cannot guarantee that travelling can be safe during these times and thinking about whether or not it may be safe might be stressful. There are a lot of precautions to take note of so we gathered a list for you so that you can take note of some reminders to make your life so much more easier when traveling during these trying times: 

  1. Be Conscious
  1. Check requirements
  1. Get tested ahead of time
  1. Book a safe and reliable flight company
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