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Utah in Winter | Chilly National Parks & Wonderlands of the West

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Utah is known for sporting some of the most awe-inspiring terrains and allows visitors to bask in the beauty of its diverse natural settings

The natural settings of Utah National Parks are otherworldly. The wintertime transforms these terrains to snowflake dusted red rock formations and snowy peaks. Not only providing aesthetically pleasing sceneries, but also some adrenaline-filled winter activities.

The picturesque natural sceneries are sure to excite and delight and there are various winter adventures to choose from.

Unsure how to plan this winter getaway? With some heated gloves that will keep your hands warm and the right guidance, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. We’ll take you through what to expect from a Utah winter as well as what activities and excursions you’ll be able to enjoy.

Utah in the Winter – Conditions 

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Snowy weather and short days are the norm for Utah winters. In the USA the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, falls on 21 December with approximately 9 hours of daylight. So planning your winter day activities in advance is vital if you want to get the most out of your day.

Although this type of weather conditions can seem optimum for some winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, preparation is key for these conditions.

When is Winter in Utah?

Winters in Utah are from December to February. During these times the average temperature in winter is 28.2 F degrees (-2 °C). Temperatures in Utah in December and January tend to be the coldest, so be ready to experience some freezing conditions. 

Warmer temperatures and some sunshine mixed within the cold days can be expected in Utah in February. So be sure to plan your winter vacation accordingly.

Visiting Utah National Parks in Winter – What to Know

Image by David Lusvardi on Unsplash

Whether you prefer hiking, sightseeing, or simply exploring unknown territory, the national parks to visit in the winter in Utah provide something for everyone. While navigating these parks in colder climates there are some aspects to consider:

3 Top Utah National Parks in Winter 

The national parks in Utah are one of the top places to visit in Utah during winter. Located in the Mountain West of the Western USA, Utah is flushed with amazing natural settings and outdoor activities. 

With endless snowfields and air so pure it burns your lungs, exploring these parks in winter is an amazing experience. Forming part of the Big 5 of Utah’s national parks, these parks are a must if you’re looking for exceptional sights that echo with an icy brilliance.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Location: Bryce Canyon, UT

Image by Adele Payman on Unsplash

A blood orange haze cast in an icing sugar sprinkling of snow – Bryce Canyon National Park is teeming with sensory delights. The valley of the hoodoos (irregular tall columns of rock) are in abundance with exceptional scenic views to match.

With high altitudes Bryce Canyon National Parks receive relatively low temperatures and snowfall. Known as the smallest southern Utah national park, this rocky retreat is still packed with outdoor adventures. 

While some roads are designated for cars, others are allocated to activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing etc. The most popular terrain for winter activities is the relatively flat Fairyland Point Road and the Peek-a-Boo Loop, amongst others. 

Need some help discovering the intricacy of these terrains? Guided tours by park rangers are organized for exploring these geographic wonders. This includes informative geology talks to educate visitors about these natural occurrences. You can venture off on guided full moon hiking trips and constellation tours to embrace the Utah night sky in all its wonder.

Canyonlands National Park

Location: Moab, UT

Image by Subhamoy Basu on Unsplash

As the largest national park in Utah, this region has a diverse variety of landscapes. From canyons to needle formations piercing the blue sky, exploring these desert-like terrains will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Various parts of the park are sectioned off by rivers. These sections include: Island in the Sky, The Needles, and The Maze. The Island in the Sky provides stellar views of the canyons of the park and is the simplest to explore if you have limited time. 

The Needles district provides a landscape much like its name. The region is adorned with colorful spires of sandstone formations with great hiking trails, such as the Elephant Canyon Trail. Be sure to map out the route on your own map before you set off, as GPS can sometimes be inaccurate.

Up for a challenge? The Maze has tricky canyons and regions to navigate, but the seemingly uncharted territory is well worth it. A well-equipped backpack and vehicle specified for hardy adventures are required to explore this least accessible region in the park. Rarely would you spend less than 3 days at this part, so be sure to plan ahead. 

Arches National Park

Location: Moab, UT

Image by Anthony Chiado on Unsplash

It’s easy to see where this park got its namesake. The arches within the park and rocky scenery look straight out of a western film. The solitude in this park will be sure to stun in winter.

Winter hikes of these snowy peaks are available if you want an extended experience of these winter wonders. While Arches National Park does not usually get heavy snow, be prepared for icy conditions.

Camping is available at various places within the park and hosts some of the most fun (and free) activities available in this terrain. Stargazing might seem mundane, but the long winter nights and pitch black skies provide a clear canvas for these stars to really shine.

More Things to Do in Utah in Winter

Image by Jaxon Lott on Unsplash

Visiting the wonderful national parks of Utah is certainly not the only highlight of a winter trip to The West. Frosty adventures are cultivated to allow visitors to experience Utah in an unconventional, yet fun way. There are many activities and excursions to enjoy in winter.

Have Fun at the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest

This festival celebrates the very essence Utah exudes in wintertime. Known as the biggest annual winter festival in Utah, the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest is held on 22 – 24 January annually. Located in Bear Lake State Park, there is a magnitude of family-fun activities to indulge in. 

One of the most popular activities is the Monster Plunge, where an icy dip in the Bear Lake State Park marina takes place. This event helps to raise funds for a local charity, so you’ll experience an adventure with a cause!

Relax at the Mystic Hot Springs

Need to get the warmth back in your toes? The Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe will be sure to add a skip to your step. The springs consist of two deep hot spring pools (one with a waterfall) and six bathtubs located outside adorned with a rustic edge. 

While the hot springs are the main event, there are also designated concert stages on the lodging sites. Adding a touch of musical delight to this idyllic nature scene, be sure to check out the concert schedule for your next trip. 

Attend the Sundance Film Festival 

One of the most famous Utah attractions in winter, the Sundance Film Festival is an experience you don’t want to miss. This festival takes place in January and sees an abundance of crowds to capture the artistic splendor of this event.

Created by the assistance of Utah Born celebrity, Robert Redford, in 1981 the Sundance Institute is an important organization for the community. The institution was created to support and to enhance the standard of artistic filmmaking. 

Unlike the showy escapades of other famous film festivals, the Sundance Institute shows independent films from all over the world. This film festival is also open to the public and tickets can be purchased to attend these showings.

A Utah Winter Experience – Final Thoughts

Image by Yuval Levy on Unsplash

Winter is by far the most underrated season to note. Associated with snotty noses and ruining outdoor activity plans, these frosty times often have a bad rep. But, it’s also the most magical time. Toasty bonfires, hearty family gatherings, and a crystal-like tint to surroundings, winter is a time for crafting cherished memories.

The places to see in Utah in winter are expansive and provide a sea of choices to make your winter getaway magnificent. Planning a vacation in Utah will be sure to create unforgettable memories, surrounded by the glittering hue of a magical winter experience.

Travel Tip: If you’re looking for a break from the cold during December, then check out these winter tours of Florida.

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