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Top 8 Places to Visit in Atlanta for the Love of Art

John Keats said, a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and if you want to witness some of that beauty, you should really go to Atlanta on your next vacation. Whether natural or man-made, the capital city of the US state of Georgia is filled with beautiful, artistic spots that any art lover would love to see at least once. 

One of the great inspiring things about Atlanta is that the city was famously burnt down during the American Civil War, but it got back on its feet, and now it’s one most important cultural and economic hubs in the southern US.

The vibrant city of Atlanta hosts the headquarters for famous multinational companies, such as CNN and Coca-Cola. Apart from the city’s lively cultural vibe and sightseeing opportunity that attracts a lot of tourists, some aesthetic spots of the city get incredibly crowded by art lovers specifically, especially the places where there is history to explain.

If you are an art and history enthusiast, you definitely need to plan a visit to Atlanta. To make it easier for you, here we have a list of 8 places that you, as an art lover, would definitely like.

Stone Mountain Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Atlanta is Stone Mountain Park. The park was named after its huge monolith, the Stone Mountain, standing in the middle of the park. 

On the northern face of the stone is a carved sculpture known as Confederate Memorial Carving of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, and General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

 This Stone Mountain has a lot of historical significance. Being 825-feet high, the mountain top enhances the beauty of what already is a nature-filled, beautiful park – a must-visit for people who love sculptures.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden is probably the best place to find inspiration and connect with nature in a way that’s not possible anywhere else. The garden is divided into different sections with each section focusing on a different plant, animal, or region. For instance, there is a Japanese garden and a rose garden.

Atlanta Botanical Garden presents plants in the form of sculpture – and the detailing is out of this world! Possibly the main highlight of the garden is the indoor Fuqua Conservatory, which provides a view of the wide range of the desert, tropical, and subtropical animals and plants. It also contains the country’s biggest orchid collection, turtles, tropical birds, and poison dart frogs.

High Museum of Art

Atlanta’s art hub is Midtown – that is where you will find a lot of places linked with the art, and of those places is the High Museum of Art. Even the museum’s building from the outside is a brilliant piece of architecture, now imagine how great things would be once you step inside.

The High Museum of Art remains one of the most toured places in Atlanta. As an artist, you will find uncountable things in there that will inspire you, fascinate you, and leave you in awe. And if you go there on an exhibition day, then maybe you will get lucky and you will get to meet other famous artists.

Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site

If you are an art and history buff, then Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical site that expands over several buildings is definitely going to intrigue you. The site contains the place where King grew up as a boy, as well the church where his father and later he first preached.

There is a great mural focusing on King’s life, speeches, and quotes, which becomes the source of inspiration and confidence for a lot of people. People also enjoy the civil rights walk of fame and the world peace rose garden known as “I Have a Dream.” 

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The incredible Fernbank Museum of Natural History is the host to a lot of interactive exhibits, sightseeing opportunities, and hands-on history-learning activities – for instance, the displays of dinosaur fossils that fascinate you and the IMAX Theater that entertains you. 

Moreover, in the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, you can spend time in nature playgrounds, walk-on canopy, and explore native wildlife. 

The award-winning museum is continuously growing. Currently, you can witness the life-size replicas of whale and 123-ft long Argentinosaurus (largest dinosaur ever) skeletons. There are also interactive activities where you can get hands-on experience with forces and technology.

Centre for Puppetry Arts

To spend time in an unusual, goofy, and entertaining way in Atlanta, visit the Center for Puppetry Arts. The high-rated arts center is located in the city’s most happening art district, Midtown.

Aside from being a home to hundreds of performing puppets, the Center for Puppetry Arts provides you the opportunity to make your own puppet character in their workshops – which is pretty fun for anyone who is interested in puppetry or performing art.

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum is another for those to visit who are in love with the art of exhibitions and academia. Inside, you will get the chance to learn about Jimmy Carter’s amazing life – it is a kind of memorabilia. 

If you read books, then this is basically a perfect place for you to hang out. What’s more, the museum’s aesthetic vibe and layout become the perfect place to take pictures.

The museum was first opened to the public in 1986. And since then, it is growing and expanding with the addition of more artifacts and books that promotes the art of historic preservation.

Fox Theater

For the love of performing arts, Fox Theater is a must-visit. It is probably the most recognized theater in Atlanta, and hosts Atlanta Ballet, traveling Broadway shows, and some music concerts every now and then.

The theater’s beautiful building is based on the combination of Islamic and Egyptian architecture, which makes it worth seeing at least once.

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