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Tips for your American Visa Interview

Do you plan to travel to the United States but still don’t have a U.S. visa? You might think that the process is very complicated, but in reality if you meet all the requirements and prove that you are only going on vacation it doesn’t have to be. One step you must follow to apply for a visa is the interview; read this article with some tips that can help you before and during the interview.

1. Dress in appropriate clothing for the occasion

Your image is always important and remember that the first impression counts a lot. It is a special occasion, therefore, deserves to be well presented. There isn’t really a special code, but you can wear something not as formal as if you were going to a wedding, but not as informal as if you were going to the beach; finding the middle ground is ideal. Look inside your closet, you probably have something for that day; choose clothes that give you security, confidence and comfort.

Tips that will help you in the interview for the American visa

I recommend that you do not wear shirts, shorts, torn pants, flashy clothes and sandals. In the case of women, avoid wearing miniskirts or tight dresses.

2. Be on time

You must be punctual in the interview, I suggest you arrive a few minutes before the established time.

3. Respect the safety rules

When you log in, you’ll probably go through some security filters. This is the list of items that are prohibited in the embassy or consulate: cell phones, sharp objects (scissors, knife and even nail file), computers, lighters, radios, aerosol sprays, video and photographic cameras, electronic devices, briefcases, large bags and firearms. If you show up with any of these items, you could risk missing your appointment.

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4. Do not enter with companions

Applicants must go alone, without family and friends. There are some exceptions, such as minors, people with disabilities, and even people who are deaf and dumb who can go to someone who can help them with sign language. If this is necessary, you should notify the name of the companion beforehand.

5. Present the required documents

Whether at the embassy or consulate, you must present the following documents:

Valid passport in good condition. If you have previously had a passport with an American visa, I suggest you take it too.

Original receipt of payment of the application fee.

Confirmation of completion of application DS-160 (sheet with barcode).

Tips that will help you in the interview for the American H1B Visa

Other documents recommended for the interview that can serve as support, and only if the consular officer asks you to do so are:

  1. Bank statements
  2. University degrees and professional certificates
  3. Original birth certificate
  4. Voting Credential (for 18 years and older)
  5. Proof of employment such as payroll receipts, letters issued by Human Resources, company credentials, etc.

6. During the interview, be honest in all your answers

The agent will ask you a series of questions: what are your plans, if you are going to visit a relative, how will you pay your expenses, when and how long your trip will last, etc. It is best to respond directly, concisely and clearly, without beating about the bush, but always with honesty. If in any question you do not know what to answer, say it without fear, you do not have to invent anything and just trust your answer.

In fact, the objective of this interview is to detect potential visitors who want to stay in the United States longer than authorized. There is no list of questions and answers for the interview, however the key is to answer with the truth, lying will not help you.

After this process, you will only have to wait patiently. Once you have it in your hands, start planning that trip you longed for to one of the destinations in the United States.

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