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Through the doors and arches of Zanzibar.

As soon as I flew into Zanzibar I fell in love with the magnificent architecture. Our resorts, Stone Town and even the market place was brimming with delicious doors, aging picturesque shutters and archways framing perfect pictures.

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town is particularly alluring with architectural elements from its Arab, African, Indian and European influences.

Journey along with me through this photoblog and delve deeper into my addiction of old doors, windows and buildings.

Into the Windows

Aging shutters on a yellow building.

  • Through the window of Doubletree by Hilton: Into the alleyway.

  • Through the windows of Doubletree by Hilton: Out over Stone Town.

Look up in Stone Town is always rewarded with delightful architectural sights.

Through the Alleyways.

  • Where will this narrow alley take us?

  • Always look up.

In the Markets

  • A stall popping with colourful garments and jewellery.

  • To market to market, get ready to bargain.

Through the doorways.

  • Me, wishing I could transport just one of these doors back with me.

  • My Dad, the original Manuel, peeking through a majestic door.

An arched door on the coast of Stone Town at Jumbo Hotel.

  • Just outside our hotel, Doubletree by Hilton, was this Indian style door.

  • Looking through the doorway of Doubletree by Hilton is an alleyway lined with bright red pot plants.

  • Exploring Stone Town on foot.

  • Arched pagoda beside the sea.

  • Dazzling doors and my continued obsession with all things old and historical.


  • A delicious turquoise door in Stone Town.

  • Through the doorway and up the mosaic stairwell.

  • Through the doorway of The Residence: Our seafront suite looking into our magnificent bedroom.

  • Caleb in his happy place at The Residence, the place he really got comfortable with crawling.

  • Caleb and I ready to explore.

Beneath the Arches.

  • Through the arches of The Residence.

  • Through the arches of The Residence: The long pool for lazy days.

  • Through the arches of The Residence: A digital nomad’s work is never done.

  • The best place for champers and canapés: On the jetty of The Residence.

Beneath the arches of The Residence: From the lounge and dining area.

Beneath the arch of Doubletree by Hilton: The Manuels rest before planning the day’s travels.

Beneath the entrance of Doubletree by Hilton Reception: The warm and efficient staff.

Beneath the arch of Doubletree by Hilton: Our travel party of six including sleeping Caleb.

Through the archway of Ocean Paradise and Spa lobby looking out over true paradise.

All images in this blog were taken with an iPhone.

Where to Stay:
The Residence on the South Western part of the island.
Doubletree by Hilton in Stone Town
Ocean Paradise Resort and Spa on the Eastern side of the island.

Where did you stay when you went to Zanzibar and which part of the island did you enjoy the most?

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