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The Top Instagram Spots in the World for Couples

Let’s face it, your Instagram couple status is the new Facebook relationship status. It matters. When you post photos swimming at dazzling white sand beaches and cuddling next to ancient wonders people can’t help but notice. Nowadays it can be hard to decide exactly where to vacation, with an endless stream travel photos crowding your explore page. The locations below are just as enjoyable to explore as they are to photograph. (Just be ready to ask strangers to snap your pics if you haven’t booked a group tour). Here is our hand-picked list of the best romantic and picturesque spots all around the globe.

Cappadocia- Turkey

Sunrise in Cappadocia is the perfect time and place to capture a dreamy couple shot. The sky is filled with colorful hot air balloons that make for a stunning backdrop. If you don’t have access to a rooftop or balcony during your stay, hike to Sunset Point for jaw-dropping views of the balloons floating over rocky terrain.


Taj Mahal- India

We’ve all seen beautiful photographs of the Taj Mahal taken from the start of the tree lined walkway. However, there are many more spots around this grand marble mausoleum that make for breathtaking couple pictures. Arrive at sunset to avoid extreme crowds and create romantic silhouettes for the camera.


Kandy to Ella Train- Sri Lanka

Go for a ride on the bright blue trains that run through Sri Lanka’s mountains. The carriages themselves are almost as beautiful as the sights visible from them. Take photos peeking out of the colorful windows or get shots of the view from a distance while watching the train pass over the Nine Arch Bridge. There are no bad angles.


Krabi- Thailand

Exploring the province of Krabi with your significant other will give you photo opportunities like no other. Take a boat trip through towering rocks and around the famously beautiful Phi Phi islands. Don’t miss out on your chance for some amazing pictures under the water too while snorkeling in the crystal clear bays.


Gitgit Waterfall- Indonesia

A simple hike will bring you and your partner to the base of Gitgit waterfall in Bali. Here you can observe this 130-foot wonder from the rocks before taking a refreshing dip in the pool. No one can deny the beauty that the movement of a waterfall adds to a photograph. The cascading water also creates the perfect setting for a couple boomerang.


Sydney Harbour- Australia

The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge stand above glistening water in photos taken here. You can have your pick of which famous landmark to feature up close on instagram. Get a shot standing beneath the Opera House’s concrete shells or atop the grand Harbour Bridge.


Pena Palace- Portugal

Pena Palace looks like it was plucked straight out of a storybook. The romantic era castle boasts brightly colored walls and whimsical patterns surrounded by lush greenery. People will think you and your partner live in a fairytale when they see your photos from Pena Palace on their feed.


Lulea- Sweden

If a cozy winter wonderland is more your insta aesthetic, then head over to the town of Lulea in Swedish Lapland. During the colder months the tall trees and rooftops are blanketed in thick layers of glistening snow. You may even be able to catch a magical shot underneath the northern lights if you’re traveling between August and April.


Dutch Flower Fields- The Netherlands

Take a walk amongst the rows and rows of vibrant flowers in the Netherlands. You can have your pick of colored scenery, from striking red and yellow tulips to tiered white and purple gladioli. Make sure to plan your outfit on this day to play up the contrast of bold colors in your photos.


Petra- Jordan

Few destinations are as surreal as the city of Petra, where architectural monuments were hand carved onto stone faces. There’s a reason it was named both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the world. Come back for a glimpse of Petra at night when the city glows by candlelight.

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