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The Smallest Countries in the World.

There are over 200 countries in the world. And some of them are really tiny. And that’s probably a huge plus rather than a minus. After all, there is something sweet and fascinating about everything small and miniature. Despite this, their citizens still have Wi-Fi to play at PlayAmo Canada or chat, and you should definitely visit these 5 countries.   


The amazing and fabulous country, where Alpine meadows bloom and ancient castles rise, is so small that it does not even have its own airport. But this does not prevent Liechtenstein confidently occupying a leading place in tourist itineraries.

People come here from all over the world in order to take a break from the usual bustle of the city, and enjoy the incredible nature, interesting museums and distinctive culture. By the way, Liechtenstein is one of the cleanest countries in the world. On its streets you will find only the fallen leaves from the trees and petals of flowers.

San Marino

This small and fascinating country is practically a single and incredible monument of ancient architecture. San Marino is the oldest sovereign state in the world, so culture, mutual respect and customs are sacred here.

To understand that these are not just words, suffice it to say that in this peace-loving country the army has only 50 people, and over the past 10 years, finally, at least one person has joined the empty walls of the national prison. But above all, San Marino is a cozy fairy-tale country with its amazing nature and color, as well as souvenirs that warm the soul.


Tuvalu is a true pristine tropical paradise. Here all year round it’s +25 ºC outside and the temperature of the ocean is +22 ºC. Of course, this country can not boast the same standard of living and tourist services as Malta or the Maldives, but it has its advantages.

Life here is so laid-back that you won’t be dragged out by the collar when your vacation is over. There is something so familiar and comprehensible to our people, like echoes of our Slavic countryside. The main feature of Tuvalu: few tourists, lots of palm trees and pristine lagoons, clean sand and water, untouched corals and an incredible amount of fresh fish.


An amazing country where everything fits on one big street. Not a week goes by in Monaco without a celebration or festival on its main avenue. Flower parades, car parades, fireworks, international dog and cat shows. The amount of entertainment per capita is off the charts.

Do not like the noise? Then go and enjoy the beauty of Europe’s richest botanical garden or visit the cozy and cool apartments of the Museum of Old Monaco. If fate takes you to Monaco, be sure to visit the Princess Grace rose garden, a mass of emotions and an unforgettable spectacle.


The smallest but the most popular tourist destination in the world. The Vatican is first of all St. Peter’s Cathedral and the square of the same name where all significant events related to Catholicism take place. Because of this, read up on what the vatican dress code is if you’re planning to visit. But apart from that, the Vatican can surprise you with unimaginable historical monuments located in the Vatican Pinacoteca and the Etruscan Museum.

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