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The best things to do in Durban: According to locals.

Winter is coming. But not before Autumn.

So before your Facebook feed’s fill up with the same “What to do this winter” listicles about fireside dining and hibernation tactics, we thought we would chat to some actual Durban / KZN locals about some the best things to do there between autumn and spring.

It’s debatable whether Durbs even has a “winter” at all but we thought we’d go ahead and create a season for South Africa’s tropical fish (ok, shark) tank where nobody but the locals really has any idea as to what goes down there.

So we hit the virtual highways, knocked on digital doors and stood on the corner of the street with our loudhailers (ok, our smartphones) and asked the Durban locals what their favourite things to do between April and October are.

Amongst others, markets, the greatest foodie trend to hit South Africa since Twinkies, seem to be a huge hit in Durbs. We’ve gotten a sneak peak into the best of what Durban has to offer during it’s cooler months and we can’t wait to go back and try them all.

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So, in no particular order here they are:

Danielle Carrilho: Durban has loads to offer, my favourite would have to be all the markets during that period. I Heart Market, Wonder Market and The Play Market to name a few. They are all held in different parts of the city and have their own special magic.

Kendall Kay Marwick: The Moses Mabhida Skywalk is a must during autumn / winter, conditions are clear & the weather is great during that time. There’s the I Heart Market on the first Saturday of the month.

The Old Mutual “Music on the Lake” series also kicks off around then & makes for a great afternoon out.

Shongweni Farmers Market. Image courtesy of Maddison Bakery

Deborah Londt Elston: My spouse and I have three sons all born in Durban during April and May, they are the best months of the year as the weather is warm with little rain. Picnics in the Botanical Gardens, or fun days on the beach and riding bikes on the beachfront!

These are my most nostalgic and best months in Durban! No humidity and glorious warm, winter days!

Sara Essop: I took my kids to the Tongaat Hulett Sugar Terminal. We found it fascinating. We also enjoy Mini Town on the beachfront.

Romona L Moonsamy: My favourite thing to do is visit the Shongweni Farmers Market! (Any time of year actually.)

Bethel Pillay: An uShaka shark cage dive.

Lynsey Anne Hughes: Riding bicycles along the promenade is always good fun! There are plenty places to rent bikes if you don’t have one.

Moses Mabidha Stadium Sky Car Image:

Debra Hargreaves: A visit to the KZN Sharks Board is a unique experience.

Julie Holborn: For families with children, the People’s Park near the Moses Mabhida Stadium is an awesome place to spend the day. Pack a picnic and take the kids bikes, scooters or roller skates.

The jungle gyms and equipment keep kids happy for hours. Best weather in Durban too!

Daniel Andrew King: The Durban July, Comrades Marathon and Super Rugby matches at Kings Park Stadium. Fishing is at its best with the sardine run happening then and hiking in the mountains as summer storms have subsided – to mention but a few things.

Lauren Pretorius: I love to cycle or trail run at Giba Gorge MTB park. They also have a market on Sundays!

Dean Wallenkamp: Durban is wonderful during those months because it is not as bitterly cold as other places. Cycling along the Durban beachfront promenade is a must, stopping at uShaka for lunch and then cycling back to Moses Mabhida Stadium, which has so much to offer.

Peoples Park is great for children with an awesome playground, and while you are at the Stadium take a ride on the sky car or even bungee jump from the top. There is also a tour of the stadium using Segway’s which is a lot of fun.

Segway Tours. Image courtesy of

Natalie Bowden: A visit to the Phansi museum

Kerri Gillitt Rademeyer: A bike ride on the beachfront (start at uShaka and head either to Moses Mabhida, or if you’re feeling stronger, to the bird park and back,) followed by a swim at uShaka Beach (the sea is usually calm and crystal clear over winter time.) Then, a delicious pizza from Surfriders before heading home.

No better way to spend a day!

Oh, and at least one session at the Taste of Durban is non-negotiable!

Rachel Dorothy Wilson: Watching the Comrade’s Marathon and the Durban July! And, of course, a North Beach Parkrun during winter is bliss (the free weekly 5km run on Saturdays at 8 am outside sun coast casino.)

Chelsea Strachan: Visiting The Morning Trade Market.

Dill McInnes: The market scene in Durban is growing and it so great to see all the talented souls showing their ware! So I think I Heart Market, The Play Market, The Shongweni Farmers & Craft Market and Wonder Market are all great things to do.

The beachfront is a must for the family! Cycling, running and walking are some of the activities that one can do their safely.

Haseena Noor Mahomed: There’s the KZN Coffee & Chocolate Expo in May. I can’t think beyond that awesome duo. It won’t disappoint?.

Jess Ann Duke: Definitely scuba diving,

Helga Barnard: Great things to do in Durban? Sample a wide selection of local craft beers at The Unity Bar.

Another great thing to do while in Durban? Enjoy live jazz music at The Chairman! Not to be missed!

One more worthy mention from our last visit there is to SUP along the canals outside uShaka with the team from Xpression On The Beach. You can also rent skateboards and all kinds of bicycles there.

So there you have it – plenty of new things to do in Durban on your next visit. You may have noticed one glaringly obvious item left off this list – the famous Durban Bunny Chow. We didn’t leave it off on purpose. It just never came up. Proof that this is a list by locals, for locals.

But we’d be amiss to at least mention that if you are looking for a glorious bunny chow, you can find out where to get one here, along with other top things to do in Durban.

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