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Tasik Biru: Malaysia’s extraordinary blue lake.

Tasik Biru Malaysia, Pahang, Bukit Ibam

Tasik Biru Malaysia

What is Tasik Biru and why is it so blue? 

Tasik Biru, which means Blue Lake, is just that. But it is really, ridiculously blue. Deep, unnatural shades of blue water are surrounded by the old mines quarry walls and by green trees. It’s a stunning sight.

Most rivers and lakes in Malaysia muddy and brown and look completely uninviting.

Basically, from what I can gather, Tasik Biru was / is an old iron ore mine. The colour of the water actually resembles copper sulphate so I would think that perhaps it has something to do with this but sadly I can’t be 100% sure.

Most of the blogs and articles on Tasik Biru are all in Bahasa Melayu so it’s tough to piece it all together. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be one reliable source of information either on the mine either.

Here is a piece I found from 1962 about the mine – Bukit Ibam Mine in History  – which makes for interesting reading if you enjoy history.

Where is it?

Tasik Biru is located in a town called Bukit Ibam, just 15 minutes away from Muadzam Shah in Pahang.

Muadzam Shah is a student town located in the middle of Peninsular Malaysia and Tasik Biru is one of the student’s favourite hangout destinations. When we visited there was a young couple enjoying the view and some other young people came on scooters to have a cigarette and enjoy the view.

It’s a peaceful environment and good for a picnic. So if you do go and visit make sure to stop off in Muadzam Shah and buy some snacks before heading out to Bukit Ibam.

See the Map below ?

How did we find out about Tasik Biru?

A couple of weeks ago Lauren and I headed off the “beaten track” in Kuala Lumpur and made it our mission to discover other incredible things to do there besides visiting the Batu Caves, the Petronas Towers and other touristy things.

We ended up with a Saturday morning SUP mission on a lake called Tasik Biru, which is in Kundang, Selangor. While I was searching Google for directions to Tasik Biru Kundang I came across this image:

Image Source – Shopalistik Blog

I honestly thought that this was where we were going to go SUP! I couldn’t wait to see it. But when we got there I discovered that there was obviously more than one “Tasik Biru” in Malaysia because the one we SUPPED on was just a normal (but nice) lake. We had loads of fun but I made up my mind to find out where the true-blue Tasik Biru was so that we could go and see it.

It didn’t take me long.

I did a quick search for #TasikBiru on Instagram, my new favourite social media network (If you like you can follow me there    ) and I came across a Muadzam Shah local’s photograph and found the location details. Victory!

As it turned out the legendary Tasik Biru was only about two hours north of where we live in Mersing. Awesome.

So yesterday, after attending our first Indian wedding in Seremban, we decided to avoid the Chinese New Year traffic and take the long way home through Muadzam Shah. Which also gave us the opportunity to go and see the lake for ourselves.

It wasn’t a sunny day but the water was magnificent nevertheless. I hope to head back soon and see the lake when the sun is shining. Here are some quick pics I got.

Just want to jump right in.


You can see the mine deposits.


Little paths snake alongside it.


More blue 🙂

How to get to Tasik Biru:

Getting from Kuala Lumpur to Tasik Biru:

Getting to Tasik Biru from Kuala Lumpur is fairly straightforward. There are actually three routes you can take. The route above that I have highlighted takes you through the country and while it may not be the quickest of them, it is the most scenic. This route should take about three and a half hours and is about 300km.

Getting from Kuantan to Tasik Biru:

Following this simple map from Kuantan, through Muadzam Shah to Bukit Ibam should take you just under two hours. it is 122km long.

Getting from Johor Bahru / Singapore to Tasik Biru:

Finally there is also a route for those heading from JB or Singapore who want to see Tasik Biru. Again, there are two major routes you can take and the time difference is only ten minutes between them. The route I have outlined takes you through Segamat and is slightly faster but the route I prefer goes along the coast past Mersing and Rompin and is more pleasant. The whole trip from the border of JB / Singapore should take just under 4 hours. It is about 280km.

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