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Staycationing in the UK: Should you go self-catered?

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If you’re planning your next holiday, you might want to look closer to home rather than jet off to more exotic climates overseas. If that’s the case, you certainly won’t be alone – the number of staycations enjoyed by UK residents has been on the rise in recent times.

There are many advantages to taking this type of break. It removes all the airport stress, there’s no language barrier to worry about and you’ll be boosting your country’s economy while enjoying a relaxing time with your friends and family. A recent survey showed that the average spend on a UK staycation rose steadily between 2011 and 2018 and, as with any trip at home or abroad, you need to make sure you have planned appropriately regarding your finances.

Paying for your staycation via a credit card can offer you a measure of protection in the event of a cancellation or other unforeseen circumstance and, once booked, you can start to look forward to your departure date. But what sort of accommodation should you choose? Catered? Or would you rather cook for yourselves? There are pros and cons to each…

Self-catered accommodation

The beauty of this option is that it can often prove more cost-effective. For example, a supermarket food shop for a family of four spending the weekend away together is likely to come to a lot less than a restaurant, hotel or café bills for three meals a day.

And if you’re staycationing as part of a large group, preparing meals can turn into a great social occasion as everyone gathers in the kitchen to reflect on the day’s activities. Jobs can be assigned to keep everyone involved – you can even give somebody the responsibility of keeping the drinks topped up!

Catered accommodation

On the other hand, having your food made for you can take a lot of the stress out of organising. Everyone in your party can choose what they want, rather than having to find a dish that everybody is happy with. Eating out in hotels and restaurants also means there’s no washing up, so you can spend more quality time together without chores getting in the way.

Not only that, but catered accommodation will give you the chance to give something back to the economy. It also means you can expand your horizons a little and perhaps try some local delicacies that you wouldn’t have done if cooking for yourself.

The truth is there’s no right or wrong answer – your staycation is yours to plan as you wish, making sure you and your loved ones enjoy your time away.

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