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Southern Phone—Serving Australia Without Any Bias

Even though phone services and internet have become accessible across the globe, there still exists a very stark difference between the services rendered in big metropolitan cities and the vast heartland. Since more service providers are operating in cities, the environment of competition among companies benefits urban consumers.

On the other hand, regional division of the country is only available with fewer options to choose from. The inception of Southern Phone, a telecommunication and internet company, is based on the notion to provide first-rate internet and telephone services to that 74 percent of Australian population living in regional cities and heartland.

It will be interesting to know about one of the biggest telecommunication and internet operations of the country that remain foreign in the big cities.

Paying Back to the Community 

It is very rare for a telecommunication company to operate in a way where they invest back all their dividend profits in the regions and communities they are rendering services to. Southern Phone is exactly doing this.

There is a reason for that economic model playing out so well. Among 41 shareholders of the company, majority of them are local cities and regional councils. People who using the services of Southern Phone are aware of the fact that their paid bills are going to be used for a greater good of the country.

As of now, Southern Phone is offering all the telecommunication and internet service to the every nook and corner of the country. Whether its home phone, mobile services, or broadband connections of each type, one can rely on South Phone to be functional over the whole landmass of Australia.

Cheap Services Tariff 

Earlier, with the lack of competition in rural and regional areas, consumers belong to these areas had to bear the brunt with expensive tariffs. Southern Phone has dispelled that disparity by providing consumers with cheap internet and telephone services.

With these distinguishing features of the company, let’s see what good they are offering to their base of nationwide consumers in terms of internet services.

The Most Reasonable NBN Packages 

Southern Phone is offering one of the cheapest NBN packages starting from $45 per month. They are enabling every connection delivery variant of NBN. Going one step further, they are also offering NBN fast speed internet through the Satellite SkyMuster in the remote areas of Australia where the fibre optic infrastructure hasn’t reached so far.

You can find out more about the Southern Phone NBN plans here.

Remote Availability of 4G

Unavailability of fast speed internet is another issue faced by regional Australia. This grievance of the heartland has also been addressed by Southern Phone. They are offering 4G data plans for the mobile users in the remote areas of the country. These plans are not bound with any contract and the services are provided through an unmatched 4G network of one of the best service providers i.e. Telstra.

With a large consumer base to serve, sometimes the customer care division of the company lags in rendering fast and agile support. Apart from that, South Phone is serving the regional Australia like any other telecommunication giant serving metropolitans.


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