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South Africa’s Hidden Gems.

We were asked by Cheapflights what some of our hidden gems are in South Africa. Where do we begin? Our recommendation list of places to visit is so long but luckily there was only space for three of our choices.

Whilst these places are not hidden by any means, the first two definitely require more time, bigger tyres and patience to reach plus they are often overlooked in favour of more popular places along the beaten track. So here are our three choices…


A truly surreal off-the-grid spot along the Wild Coast is Bulungula. The journey over hills and through dirt roads far from the main highway is so worth it even if you don’t have a 4×4.


Hogsback-a haven for mountain biking on trails through the evergreen, standing atop waterfalls and hiking in one of the greenest places in South Africa.

Cape Columbine Nature Reserve.

Unplug in The Beach Camp’s A-Frame tents right on the beach in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve along South Africa’s West Coast and spend your nights stargazing beside the fire and your mornings wading right out into the cool ocean.

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