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Singapore: City of the rich and stylish.

Only two hours away from our little Malaysian town of Mersing, lies the country island of Singapore with a population of 5.4 million people. On this island you won’t find swaying palm trees, turquoise Ocean or powdery white sand. Instead you’ll find some of the cleanest streets in Asia, immaculate city gardens and some of the world’s most expensive property prices. With the highest percentage of millionaires in the world, a booming economy and home to the well-heeled, you better go prepared to lose money and lots of it.

We knew it was one of the most expensive cities in the world, but didn’t quite grasp the essence of this, until we had to buy food, drinks, coffee and water. We didn’t get to eat or capture as much food as we would’ve liked to, but here’s a taste of the beauty that can be found on its river, streets and high above the city.

Speaking of opulence, The Regent Hotel was out first taste of luxury in this Asian Tiger of Singapore.

From the gently cared for orchids in the lobby

to the delicate desserts sent to our room for high tea.

Dusted lightly with gold for glamour and good measure.

Then there’s Orchard Street: A shopper’s high-end heaven and hell.

Haute Couture and brand names can bankrupt and take it’s toll on those with a weaker currencies.

Lovers of electronics, gadgets and cameras will find joy and discounted at Funan DigitaLife Mall.

And find their heads spinning with a plethora of shops, markets and digital corners within one malls.

While some places, like Little India, will never stop buzzing

with colour,

bicycles and


Other places will bring peace,

quiet and stain-glassed windows.

St. Andrews church was designed in English Gothic style

and constructed using convict Indian labour.

While little of its original vegetation is said to remain, it is one of the greenest concrete jungles I’ve seen.

With a population of only 5.4 million, it has the third highest per capita income, some of the world’s most expensive property and highest percentage of millionaires.

So don’t feel bad when you can’t afford to eat, drink and stay in a hotel room big enough to swing a cat in.

In case you were unsure of what pure luxury looks like,

Be sure to visit the Marina Bay Sands.

Only the most expensive building in the world.

Even if you’re not willing to fork out a mortgage to stay the night, enjoy the views from the boardwalk and rooftop.

Look over to Bay South where you’ll spot the glowing avatar-like Supertrees. Giant vertical gardens which collect rainwater and generate solar power.

One of the tremendous artworks in the Marina Bay Sands Centre is this ‘Rain Oculus’ piece by New Yorker, Ned Kahn.

If there’s one thing you need to do at night, it’s take a slow ride in a bumboat along the Singapore River.

Try to grab the open-air seats right at the back and enjoy the commentary of Singapore’s history.

Its not difficult to see what Singapore has one of the fourth largest financial centres in the world.

Take in all the lights on the water

and the splendour of Marina Bay.

I found my favourite neighbourdhood on the last day.

Arab Street; with its silky pashminas

array of lanterns and

Turkish rugs.

This area of Kampong Glam was once the seat of old Malay royalty has been the Malay-Muslim quarter since the 1800’s which included a community of Arab traders.

On Muscat Street, you’ll find the largest mosque in Singapore, The Masjid Sultan.

The walls in Arab Street and surroundings are adorned with multi-coloured murals and street art.

We totally enjoyed what this vibrant city had to offer, but next time we’ll be armed with more money!

Have you been in Singapore? What was your first impression of it?

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