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Simms Boutique Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Simms Boutique Hotel


Family room



Our Room and experience:

The first room we got was a room for two people and a window. At the time of our visit we had a lot of luggage and there wasn’t even an inch of space around the bed for us to place all of it. So we had to opt for a room for 3 pax with one double bed and one single bed. Again there is very little space to even walk around the bed, so we used the single bed as a place for our luggage.

Best Suited For:

Those looking for a budget stay with no frills and those not needing any space to really move about in their room. You have to be carrying very little luggage to be able to stay here as there are no cupboards, place for your luggage or space to move about the room. ( They do have a luggage room for storage) Also this hotel is ideal for this without a car and travellers planning to use public transport. If you’re there to see as much of KL on a budget and place to only spend time in your room when sleeping, then this is perfect for you.

What we loved:

We enjoyed the location of the hotel: entire of Bukit Bintang as everything was close by and quick to get to. Central Market, big shoppings malls of Bukit Bintang and even KLCC were all just a short drive away.

What could be improved:

Our main issue with this hotel was the lack of space within each room. If at all possible, an increase in space to allow more movement and storage would be great. Also if they could provide a safer place to park cars that would be helpful as now parking is very minimal and in an alley at the back of the hotel with no security.


Starting at $18 for a single room.[/x_text][x_text]



Double room. Very tight in there!

[/x_text][x_text]Thank you to Simms Boutique for making our visit possible. As usual, all opinions expressed are our own.

Image credits: Simms Boutique[/x_text]

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