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Sandboarding in Betty’s Bay, South Africa.


You would think that after my first and only terrfiying and exhilarating skiing experience off an intermediate slope in Korea that I would refuse to launch myself off the side of a mountain ever again.  But come last weekend in Betty’s Bay, I found myself high up on sand dunes, ocean below, sun in the sky and no “English speaking” Korean instructor sending me down the wrong slope and nearly sending me to my death.

This time I was keen.  Armed with my new nikon, mad fear of sand getting into my lens and two sandboards between 6 of us, we hiked up.  It was already cooking up there and we were thankful for the umbrella brought along.

The boys took to the slopes like pros.  Well perhaps a few bruises were incurred up front, but it was a small price to pay for the fun you experience zooming down.  When the boards showed signs of slacking and slowing down, we sent a volunteer back to the house to retrive the Mr.Min and floor polish initiately used to make the ride faster.

Funny that, because as soon as it was my turn to take the board down, I tryed everything in my power to slow it down.  This involved clawing the sand and not straightening my legs.  Looking back now, I should’ve tryed to let go a bit.  Afterall I had already endured plenty of wipeouts in the snow and have a snowburn scar to show for it.
You may also think that zooming down steep slopes would be exciting enough, but guys always need to push the limits, dare the devil and go that little bit further.  The determination for thrills found them building a ramp from sand and abondoned board.  This meant they could jump higher,way faster and fall harder.  I was more than content to go down on my bum, screeching all the way.

If you think sandboarding will work those muscles, factor in the hiking through dense sand to get to your launhc position.  The next day will find you sore and possibly bruised.  And that’s why the best thing you can do is exert other muscles such as your arms and paddle baby!  Yes, I went for a  beautiful surf on the main Betty’s Bay beach the next day.  Clear water, gentle waves and stronger legs.

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