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Top travel tips: roll it don’t fold it & comfy shoes.

The internet is filled with resources trying to answer One simple question about travel and then as what advice can you give to people (whether young or old) about begin their first real trip or expedition, or basically any amountof time spent away from the comfort of your own home, or language or culture, that’s longer than three months. 

In the years I spent traveling through Southeast Asia and the rest of the world I picked up probably two of the most important aspects that keep me feeling calm and comfortable throughout some of the most insane circumstances and situations I found myself in. 

These are two essential yet somehow overlooked practical pieces of advise; that is 1) roll your clothes saves space and space saved, is more space to bring little curios back home with, and 2) invest in a pair of truly comfortable shoes. Shoes take up a bunch of both space and weight (the holy grail of exhaustable travel resources) so if you can distil 3 pages into one it’s worth the investment.

Comfortable shoes will make your soul ooze 

We often don’t realise how comfortable shoes can be unless we’ve experienced and comfortable shoes and if you’re experiencing that on a trip or voyage or even a hike then you’ll know that you’re stuck with that uncomfortable, horrible pair of shoes for the next x amount of hours months or weeks depending on how long you away for. 

We don’t confuse uncomfortable horrible because of the weather look it’s because they cause pain they can literally be your worst nightmare especially if you are not in a city or don’t have access to a shop free sample trickling through Borneo to see orangutan or heading up Kilimanjaro. 

If you find yourself in South Africa and travelling in the month of November then why not take your opportunity to grab a pair of Black Friday shoes at the Black Friday shoes online section of 

Rolling: no skill required.

We immediately that have you believe that the most refreshing feeling you can get it if you are a woman applying L’Oreal in the mirror and more especially refreshing, if it’s non wrinkle cream. This is a lie. 

The truth is that when traveling the ultimate source of accomplishment & refreshment and enjoyment is packing up your backpack and finding an extra 4 or 5 litres of space saved thanks to ruling your clothes versus folding them.

A great place to look for ideas and extra information on how to roll effectively if you need to colour co-ordinate your clothing is Pinterest there is a wealth of information on there by travelers Who regularly employ this technique over there.

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