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Review: The By Bento Powerbox

Stellar prints.

The Need for Portable Power.

The reality of life in 2015 is that smartphones, tablets, kindles, and gadgets with all manner of screens are an essential part of our lives. Whether you use your phone for business, banking, Facebook, photography or timing your breastfeeding (yes there’s an app for that too) or all of the above, you will have experienced the horror that comes with a rapidly draining battery.

Power banks or “power boxes” have saved my skin many a time during our travels. We use our phones for so many things as travellers and travel bloggers (social media, booking hotels, banking, photography, translation, digital passports, digital boarding passes, GPS… and the list goes on) that when our batteries begin running out, it’s a serious problem.

The By Bento Powerbox

Now that it’s obvious i’m a huge fan and user or portable power, what makes the By Bento Power Box stand out? Well clearly it’s very pretty which is nice. But my favourite features are the fact that they also come with a very handy rubberised outer layer, which is incredibly practical (and often overlooked) for non-slip purposes and a protective cover, which is great for durability.

How are we using it? Well I listed a bunch of the reasons we need to keep our phones alive above but more recently we haven’t actually been traveling and that’s because we’re officially parents! Our boy Caleb was born just three weeks ago (full blog post on this soon) and he has kept our hands fully occupied!

Our By Bento’s have been absolute lifesavers these last few weeks because as a new parent simple things like remembering to charge your phone become huge tasks! You wouldn’t believe it if you haven’t had children but let me tell you, it’s insane. Time flies and the last thing you’re thinking about is what percentage your battery is.

Even worse, you are now using your battery at an increased rate because all you do, besides changing nappies, is take photos and videos of them! Maybe that’s just us 🙂

Seriously though, from hospital visits to home affairs, our By Bento’s have been much loved and we now keep one permanently in our baby bag.

Perfect fit.

What I love

I love the the look and the feel of the powerbox. It is definitely one of the most stylish power banks i’ve ever used and because practicality matters a heap more to me than fashion, I am beyond impressed with the rubberised feel of the enclosure. This means no unfortunate slipping off surfaces (tables, car seats, couches etc.)

Also, I really like the rectangular shape (in contrast with my other almost oval shape power bank) and the fact that it comes with a durable protective sheath.

What I Found Surprising

  1. One output port. Ok this isn’t a huge drawback, but I do like the fact that with two output ports you can share your powerbox or even if one port breaks, you have a back-up.
  2. The colour bar for charging. Maybe it’s just because I like numbers that i’m not a huge fan of this feature. Basically the By Bento powerbox is at it’s lowest charge when it’s green and at it’s highest charge when the colour bar shows red. To me that feels backwards.


Our 10 000 mha Powerboxes retail for R800.00 from By Bento’s website and there is also an 8000 mha option (in awesome colours) for for R699.00

In the box.

Keeping me charged.

Perfect for when you need to head and you’ve forgotten (again) to charge your phone.

Output port, light bar that lets you know the charge and input port.

By Bento made this product review possible by providing the above product but, as usual, all opinions expressed are our own.

Image credits: Vaughan McShane

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