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Relaxing weekends: 4 rules for success



Once upon a time, relaxing weekends were the antidote for gruelling months at work. Fortunately, following a brief hiatus for much of the world, they’re firmly back on. In fact, many believe that the newly coined “wellness travel” will bounce back more prominent than ever before.

While hotels might be offering these such stays, you also need to keep your end of the bargain. In other words, choosing a hotel with a jacuzzi isn’t sufficient; you need to work hard to keep your weekend relaxing as well.

Following on from the above, let’s now look at four key rules for success that can ensure that you recharge your batteries sufficiently for your weekend break away.

Rule #1 – Pack a light bag

Especially if you’re up against the clock, packing a light carry on bag is always a good idea. This kind of bag is also easy to travel with and much safer than a bulky suitcase. The last thing you need is to be working up a sweat on day #1!

On top of that, a small bag also means that you have to think about precisely what you need to take and cannot just throw everything in. This can be a welcome discipline and help you stay focused.

Rule #2 – Stay somewhere within a one-hour (or less) drive

This is by no means a strict rule, but the closer, the better. Time is of the essence on these weekend breaks, and spending as little time in your vehicle or mode of transport should be one of your primary aims.

Let’s not forget that this doesn’t have to be about visiting the big cities; you shouldn’t discount smaller alternatives. For example, if you live in Hampshire, it’s not always about Bournemouth. Instead, look towards Eastleigh. Or, if you’re based in the South West, it doesn’t need to be all about Bristol, and the lesser-known option of Cheltenham might serve you better. In other words, don’t always go for the popular tourist hotspots.

Rule #3 – Leave all electronic devices at home

It’s nearly impossible to unwind and refresh your batteries if you’re constantly checking your phone, tablet or laptop every few minutes.

Instead, putting them in your car or leaving them at home will create a wonderful opportunity to disconnect, recharge, and live in that moment where you’re free from such distractions.

Can’t do that? At least turn off the work email alerts.

Rule #4 – Throw away the itinerary

We’re in an era where Trip Advisor bucket lists are utterly fashionable in travel. However, at least for the purposes of a relaxing break, itinerary lists should be the last thing on your mind.

While it’s great to tick off a list of attractions, it can get tiring. Hopping around from one attraction to another is hardly anyone’s idea of relaxation – and is likely to leave you more drained than you initially were. Instead, do things as they come, and avoid the ‘planning culture’… just for one weekend.

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