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A few reasons to visit Love It Spa, Cape Town.

As you may know I am a lover of day spas and massages. I’ve actually become a firm believer that massages are a necessity and no longer a luxury- At least for me anyways with my constant state of neck and back tension. If you don’t believe me, ask my doctor. She has categorically advised that I go for regular massages due to my supposedly long neck and inability to curb the tension before it morphs into a tension headache (My husband frowns at this advice, while I rejoice). I recently visited Love It Spa whilst in Cape Town for two weeks and not that I think you’ll need any convincing to visit a spa but here goes…

1. You’re in great hands.

Candice Goldschmidt has years of experience as a spa therapist (and as the Manager of Stillness Spa) offering all kinds of treatments ranging from waxing, to massages to pedicures and skin treatments. What’s even better is that she started the spa herself as her business and love offering. She really loves her day job and as a guest you can be thankful for that. You won’t be stuck with a bored massage therapist who’d rather be filing be doing anything else but massage your knots out with her elbows and hands.

2. Globally excellent.

I have visited spas in Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Hawaii so believe me when I say that Candice gives one of the best massages I have ever had.

3. Truly personal service

It is one thing to go to spa where therapists are professional but it’s a completely different story when the therapists love what they do and offer a truly warm and personal experience with each visit. It won’t be long before you feel like you have known her for ages.

4. Zoning out welcome.

You won’t have therapists giggling and chatting to each other while you try to zone out on the massage table.

5. In the neighbourhood.

For those who live in the Southern Burbs, you don’t need to trek into town to get top-notch treatment, her spa is a hop, skip and jump away and located beside Nova Constantia Boutique hotel. So before or after your treatment you can relax beside the pool.

6. Location.

The location of the spa really allows you to feel like you have escaped it all. Unlike the day spas in busy malls here in Asia or the Thai massages on the beach (I still love these) with loud tourists and screaming kids nearby, right in the heart of Cape Town in a residential neighbourhood, you can find complete peace and quiet.

Value for money.

Even better yet, her massages will not bankrupt you and only bring you relaxed muscles.

Do yourself and your body a favour and give Love It Spa a visit. Find the treatment prices on, Facebook and Instagram. Or call Candice Goldschmidt +27832955598

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