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Reasons to Switch to a Minimalist Wallet

The reason most people prefer minimalist front pocket wallets is that they are lightweight, slim, and easily accessible. The age of big, bulky billfold wallets are over and slim, functional minimalist wallets have taken over because they are a much better choice. They are stylish, practical and comfortable. Here 11 reasons to choose a minimalist wallet.

  1. Slim minimalist wallets are thin enough so that you can carry other items in your pocket

You can put it in a side pocket or front pocket and carry other items in the same pocket. It could be a phone or other important everyday carry item. The slim wallet from Kinzd will help improve your EDC organization immensely.

  1. They are good for your lower back

Hauling around loads of items in your wallet can affect your back. It’s no mystery that big wallets are a health hazard to the back. This is because there is a nerve in the lower back that controls and coordinates some of the muscles in the body; like your buttocks core and legs.

With a heavy wallet, you’ll be putting pressure on these muscles. Sitting on a big wallet can cause all kinds of body mechanic problems, an example is Sciatica.

  1. Your cards will last longer in a front pocket wallet

Sitting on your wallet will cause your cards to look old and frayed. Getting a front pocket wallet will increase the longevity of your credit cards and keep them looking clean for longer. Because you’re not crushing your cards when you sit on the wallet, you won’t need to replace them frequently.

  1. It’s easy to access your cards when they are in your front pocket

You no longer have to dig through your back pocket just to get out cash or card. Imagine being on a long queue and when it gets to your turn, you have to hold up the entire line just so you can rummage through your thick wallet.

If this has ever happened to you then welcome to the club. It is embarrassing and can be avoided by simply getting a minimalist front pocket wallet. The minimalist wallet size is the main reason is loved by many. You won’t need to carry useless items around and getting access to the things you need will be much easier.

  1. They are trendy and presentable

You no longer have to be ashamed of your old worn out billfold. Many men today have been using their wallets for decades and have never really considered gettings a more modern wallet. With the minimalist wallet, you can be up to date and when you bring out your wallet in a public place, you will not be ashamed. Another good news is that it will not wear off as fast or as badly as a billfold and offers a more elegant representation of who you are.

  1. Less chance of being a victim of pickpockets

If you find yourself in crowded places like the bus station or subway, you could quickly lose control of the situation around you and can lose your credit cards or personal information. But when you carry your wallet in your front pocket, crowded places will not be a problem anymore. Crowds can press up against you and there will be no feeling of pressure like you are under attack. The best thing about modern-day minimalist wallets is if you get one with an RFID blocker, electronic pickpockets cannot steal your personal information.

  1. It brings you closer to a cash-free society

As the world moves closer to becoming a cash-free planet, there’s no longer a need for big wallets. As data gets digitized, and everything from business cards to receipts become accessible online, minimalist wallets are the way to go and the future of EDC.

Services like Apple Pay make it easy for us to make payments just by clicking a few buttons on our handheld devices. As payment gets more convenient and simple, you won’t need to carry much cash around with you. All you need is your minimalist front pocket wallet.

  1. It is a more comfortable option

This is the main reason why most people choose minimalist wallets under their clothes: it makes them look better. The best thing about it is the comfort. It’s a very comfy choice and sometimes you could even forget that you have one in your pocket.

Truth is that subway seats, benches and bar stools are very uncomfortable to sit on and if you have a thick wallet in your back pocket is even worse. No need to squirm or be uncomfortable when you’re out and about just choose a minimalist front pocket wallet to ensure that you can eliminate every interruption or discomfort along the way.

  1. Choosing a minimalist wallet will improve the way you look

This is a fact that many people cannot deny. There’s no comparison between bulky back pocket wallets and small front pocket wallets. Minimalist wallet literally removes any bulk and will not ruin your silhouette. This is especially true if you’re wearing skinny pants or jeans.

You no longer have to deal with a lopsided look even with tight clothing. Not every city has storage spaces like Boston luggage storage so chances are, you’re probably going to be hauling around your bags as well. The last thing you need is a bulky wallet getting you down. Another issue is the long-term effect of bulky wallets on clothing. Eventually, the bulk becomes permanent and ruins the shape of your clothes

  1. You don’t have to worry about taking out your wallet whenever you want to sit down

We have all experienced the discomfort of having to take out our wallets whenever we want to sit down. This is one of the downsides of a traditional billfold which you will not experience with a modern-day minimalist wallet. This becomes a risky habit which can be formed over time because of a back pocket wallet. But with minimalist front pocket wallets, the habit can be crushed for good.

  1. Carrying a minimalist wallet helps you declutter

A lot of men forget that their wallets are not a storage bin for useless items. A minimalist wallet will help you declutter the space in your wallet and forces you to organize. You can throw away expired membership cards, old coupons, and receipts leaving just the essentials.

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