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Photoblog: West Coast winter in Paternoster.

This weekend we drove two hours up the West Coast to the fishing village of Paternoster, it happened to be the biggest storm the town had seen in four years. It’s one of those weekends where you stay close to the fire, braai crayfish indoors and stroll along the beach once the wind and rain disappear for a moment. Red and blue fishing boats return to shore, holidaymakers are scarce and the clouds remain close.

Bokkoms (dried fish) for sale.

Paternoster corner store.

‘Hot Rod’, themoored fishing boat.

Fishermen heed the coast warning and bring their boats in the day.

Local residents of this fishing village- the red and blue boats.

On route to the Beach Camp in Cape Colombine Nature Reserve.

West coast Spring blooms show their bright faces in the winter sunshine.

Lanterns get a rest before nightfall at this coastal camp spot.

Aloes and succulents grow abundantly along the West Coast.

Crayfish grilling on the indoor fire.

Bokkoms drying out in the sun.

  • Sea shell chimes sold by Paternoster locals.

  • Windmill used to pump water in the residential part of town.

Koi fish in the pond of Voorstrandt Restaurant.

Wild waves crash over the rocks at Tieties Bay.

Beach camp’s beach bar.

Love the relaxed and rustic style houses of the West coast.

Seagulls happy to be on the windy beach.

All photographs are my own.

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