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Photoblog: Street art in Penang’s old George Town, Malaysia.

George Town is one funky historical city in the north east corner of Penang Island,Malaysia. It’s inner city is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a big heart and a bustling cultural hub with edgy street art to boot. Malays, Indians and Chinese call this town home and with every corner turned, you’ll get the sense that you’ve entered mini cities including Little India and China Town. One of my favourite parts of this pumping little town is the street art. The incredible hand painted murals on the walls were created by Lithuanian-born artist, Ernest Zacharevic. And the welded iron wall caricatures will give you insight into the way locals lived in the past and their links to the landmarks still standing to this day. We rented bicycles and navigated our way through narrow streets and many one-ways in search of street art at different locations throughout the town.

Old Motorcycle by Ernest Zacharevic.

Win Win Situation: Muntri Street was named after the ‘Orange Kaya Menteri’ of Larut, Perak, Ngah Ibrahim.

Narrowest Five Foot Way: The ‘five foot way’ of Wan Hai Hotel is said to be the narrowest in Penang.

Trishaw Man by Ernest Zacharevic.

One leg kicks all: The Amahs were Catonese domestic servants from Guangdong who did all kinds of household chores and would refer to themselves with wry humour as “Yat Keok Tet” ( One leg kicks all).

Boy with his pet dragon.

Cheating Husband: The local Chinese say the rich men who lived on Muntri Street kept their mistresses here; hence the name ‘Ai Cheng Hang’ or Love Lane.

Boy on a Chair by Ernst Zacharevic.

The Street is named after Kapitan Chung Kengkwee who generously donated his house to the Municipality for vehicular access ensuring that his name lives on for posterity.

Kung Fu Girl by Ernest Zacharevic.

Old Man by Ernest Zacharevic.

Bicycle out of the wall of a coffee shop.

Welded iron wall caricature of a walking man.

Kids on bicycle by Ernest Zacharevic.

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