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Photoblog: Spend sunset in a rice paddy

One of the first things I like to do when settling into any new place is to explore it & familiarize myself with the general area. I never want to scope out absolutely everything in the first couple of days (so that I have lots of time to explore later) but at the same time I want to get a good feel for the place. To get my bearings, if you will.

It was on such a mission that we discovered the rice paddies of Air Papan. Air Papan is a coastal area about ten minutes’ drive from the centre of Mersing and the road that leads you down to it is lined with elegant Coconut Palms and the most spectacular lush green rice paddies.

The initial ‘find’ took my breath away and we’ve returned several times since, in fact, the area has become one of our favourite sunset destinations here in Mersing. Enjoy the pictures below and see for yourself why we are falling in love with Malaysia, and our new home town.

Shhh…Rice growing here

Paths draws us deeper

Walk the plank 🙂

So lush I could dive in

Harvest has just begun

A paddy farmer and his grandson pass us by

Paddy bliss


Chalk dust

I can’t get enough…

Happily wandering…

Aircraft leave streaks across the sky

Our noble steed and Lauren, both enjoying the last rays

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" – Lao-Tzu

Utterly peaceful and at home in a sea of green.

Under the Kapok Tree

Locals smile freely

Kapok. In the background you can see how these go from green to brown and then explode into soft lambs-wool like cotton

Red skies melt over a sea of green

Sunset slipping into the irrigation canals

Any excuse for sunset silhouettes

Ballerina girl

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