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Photoblog: A West Coast Weekend

We headed up the Western Cape’s West Coast for a couple of days to explore the rugged, stormy Atlantic coastline that thunders out the heartbeat of our beautiful country. We stayed in Gonnemanskraal, Jacobsbaai and on the way home took a Shot Left into the West Coast National Park to see the spring flowers and the houseboats of Kraalbaai.

The Houses of Gonnemanskraal

Things are pretty relaxed around these parts.

Beautiful view from inside.

A birdhouse amongst the bush.

The unusually flat Atlantic Ocean

Weathered boulders.

As the sun sets there’s nothing better than a braai (a South African BBQ.)

The wind picked up and dragged a cold front across our paths which developed into a full blown storm through the night.

And in the morning, the ocean that was once peaceful…

…now raged and thundered against the outlying reefs.

A boat on the shores outside the quaint “Weskusplek” restaurant.

We played tennis in the cold.

And knitted mittens too…

On the way home we headed into the West Coast National Park.

Where we were greeted by exceptional views of the Langebaan Lagoon

And were lucky enough to catch millions of spring flowers catching the rays of sunshine.

These guys roam across the roads so please be careful when driving through the park.

Lauren enjoying the view…

I found some bird tracks and followed them…

…but came across these little tortoises pushing each other back and forth instead!

Strings of buoys.

Lauren looking out over Kraalbaai and the houseboats.

Pristine beaches and icy cold waters.

The end of the long jetty that extends deep into the bay.

The Houseboats

The winding wooden pathway from the parking lot.

Stunning roads in the National Park.

The Entrance / Exit depending on which side you begin.

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