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Our Land Rover Experience in the vineyards.

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Last week we had the privilege of being invited by Pierre Versfeld, of Land Rover Experience Western Province, to join him on what we thought was a scenic romp through the vineyards of Simonsig Estate in Stellenbosch. It turned out that Pierre had a card up his sleeve in the form of an off road track built alongside the beautiful vineyards and our tame thoughts of Pinotage tours turned into one the most exciting experiences we’ve had in awhile.

Soon after we had rounded a few corners away from the restaurant and waved to the smiling school children on their way home we found ourselves on a narrow strip of clay tracks embossed in the lush green grass, framed by a dam to the right and endless vines to the left which, to our surprise, led down into a river.

A river with an impossibly steep exit. Whilst my mind struggled with this, Pierre calm as a lake, entered the body of running water (which was somehow even deeper than I thought) and made easy work of the exit – we were astonished at the power and traction of the vehicle.

He had us totally captivated as we went from being inside the vehicle over certain obstacles to observing the vehicle navigate the same obstacles from the outside. The very same car that had just been calmly navigating us through some serious ditches actually had entire wheels literally hanging in the air and we were none the wiser!

Always one to emphasize safety, Pierre had us buckle up every time we re-entered the vehicle and with good reason too because no sooner than driving us around another bend and taking us over a 29 degree diagonal section of the track, he stopped the vehicle a third of the way down the steepest hill I have ever descended and we chatted about the hillside assist features whilst suspended in the seatbelts.

Pierre and his team at Land Rover Experience Western Province take social responsibility very seriously and plug into the community as often as possible; just recently they have trained the local Fire-Fighters and NSRI, free of charge, to use the sponsored 4×4’s they receive in order to confidently use and maintain the vehicles.

So what do they do? Perhaps Pierre says it best

“Land Rover Experience Western Province, South Africa, provides all 4×4 and Off-road enthusiasts with practical training and skills so they can safely and confidently navigate their 4×4 vehicles over a variety of arduous terrains.”

So you see that although the main focus in on Land Rovers, the team are not limited by the brand – they have a love of 4×4’ing and cater from corporates for events and team building – serious fun (especially when driving blindfolded) – to the son/ daughter looking to buy their father a great Father’s Day Gift and spend a few hours in a 4×4 together.

Courses range from beginner to advanced and soon the team will be offering 4 x 4 tours and adventures over a varying number of days where you will drive to different parts of the province and country and overnight in great accommodation along the way.

Give Pierre and his team a shout at +27 (0)21 865 2043, or pop them an email at and for more info visit

Our Land Rover experience was sponsored, but all views expressed are our own.

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