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North Pole Romantic Travel

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Poseidon Expeditions

St. Valentine’s day North Pole Romantic Cruise. Introduce your love to the realm of ice and snow.

How romantic do you think you are? Or rather, how romantic can you be? Do you think your beloved one considers you being capable of doing something extraordinary, especially for one of the important days in your life? No one will ever doubt that you have a plethora of outstanding ideas. But let us put another idea in your arsenal.

St. Valentine’s day is probably the most romantic winter holiday. This is the day when you do something special for your loved ones. Clearly this does not mean that you lack enthusiasm and treasure your sweetheart only once a year. You might have got tired of constant presents and pleasant surprises you want to prepare everyday.

So here is an excellent opportunity for you to astonish your dearest ladies on February 14th – order an unforgettable cruise travel to north pole, an exceptional adventure that you will keep memories of for many long years together.

Of course, this might be a risky journey; however, there are trained professionals who will get you ready to conquer the land of ice. It is definitely cold there, so warm clothes are a must. Despite your passionate love that warms you up, it is highly recommended that you do not ignore basic rules and take all safety measures possible to prevent any accidents.

If you dare to make such a unique present for your Valentine, both of you will always remember this one of a kind experience you shared at the North Pole. Safe and secured ice-breaker will get you to the places which are yet to be explored by many people. Professional crew and staff, naturalists, scientists, and historians, will be your reliable friends who will make your expedition live and colorful despite the complete whiteness of the virgin North Pole.

Another idea is to arrange for a romantic picnic. Although you will not be able to have flowers around, here is a short list of what you might want to grab:

  • Wine
  • Fruits
  • Delicious cheese
  • Cookies
  • And probably a thermos bottle of hot tea

Witness the boundless and vast realm of snow and frost, meet polar bears in their natural habitat, be part of an exclusive expedition, and share those precious moments with the person you love. Your choice of an expedition will be an exciting experience full of new friends, amusing anecdotes you will later tell your grandchildren.

Such a travel requires you to be brave and willing to explore the unknown, step outside the boundaries of the life you grew accustomed to, and share the remarkable and impressive moments of this romantic voyage. The memories and photos you would show to your friends would make you proud since you would have dared to accomplish something that other people would have never risked doing.

You can visit Paris or Madrid any time you want, but North Pole expedition usually happens only once. Your loved one will be immensely grateful and extremely happy about the upcoming travel. It will definitely be a blast!

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