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Must-Dos for Future Globetrotters

by Robin Karmen.

Some people grow up dreaming of a life performing on the stage or shooting baskets on the
court. Others see themselves as parents or community leaders. If you’re a member of the
rare breed who see themselves nowhere specific and everywhere at once, you’re in the
right place.

There isn’t a clear roadmap forward for those who are called to travel and explore. That
said, there are still important choices you can make early on in life that can have a
monumental impact on your future as a globetrotter. Here are four must-do steps.


Choose the Right Career

Travelling the world isn’t cheap. That’s why you need to choose a career path that can
support your explorations, both financially and in terms of flexibility and lifestyle. 
If writing and media is your thing, you could be a travel blogger or journalist. This would
allow your travels to become your work. Alternatively, you could start a career that will
lead you to substantial financial gain and offer flexibility. For example, a Missouri
contractor’s license
may only certify you to work in Missouri, but contracting skills are
transferrable and in-demand across the globe.

Learn Another Language

Speaking at least two languages is helpful if you plan to travel far and wide. This will double
your chances of communicating with at least one person, no matter where you go. Plus, the
more languages you learn, the easier it is to pick up on new ones!

Prepare for the Worst

Unfortunately, certain things are out of your control no matter where you travel. The
leading cause of death of Americans abroad is vehicle accidents, but the second is homicide.
When you are in unfamiliar territory, far away from a community to care for you, you walk
around with a larger target on your back. 

If you are in a country that in which you feel unsafe, invest in a trained guide who speaks
the language and can show you the sights other tourists might miss! 

Before a trip, research the local US embassy and register for the STEP program to receive
current safety information while traveling. Additionally, make sure your vaccines are up-
to-date and invest in traveler’s insurance. 

You may think spending time and money on these types of precautions is unnecessary, but
your health and safety are always worth the investment.

Don’t Forget to Save

Right now, you’re focusing all your time and attention on that next adventure. But there
may come a time in life when you want to settle down! 

Start preparing for that day early. Gradually tuck money away into an investment or
retirement account. A little at a time goes a long way. The earlier you start, the more stress-
free your years of travelling will be.

The World Awaits

With just a few proactive steps, you can set yourself up for safe, stable, and enjoyable
travels and a livable future when the time comes to plant roots.

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