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Must-Do Activities During Your Trip to the Bahamas

Planning a sunny getaway? For a vacation that balances adventure, exploration and well-needed R&R, there are few places better to choose than the Bahamas. 

With stunning scenery every direction you turn, incredible nightlife, excellent family-friendly activities, and a friendly and welcoming culture, the Bahamas islands truly have something to offer everyone. 

But before you hop on a plane and begin your adventure, it’s important to have a game plan to optimize the fun and get the most out of your trip. Here are a few of the can’t-miss activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy on your trip to the Bahamas.

Visit the Lesser Explored Outer Islands

Nassau, the capital of the stunning Caribbean country, is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Bahamas. Located on the island of New Providence, it is a beautiful and exciting place to visit and explore on your trip. With budding nightlife and a sea of attractions to choose from – like snorkeling, walking tours, boat trips and more – it is a top tourist destination for a reason. 

However, travelers often neglect the rest of the beautiful country on their trip, meaning that they miss out on much of the most stunning and lesser-explored parts of the Bahamas. There are smaller surrounding islands (around 700 of them!) that make up over 80% of the country’s land mass. This pristine string of islands is what makes the Bahamas so incredibly unique, and any trip to the country is not complete without visiting a few of them. 

A great way to experience the smaller islands is to let Bahama Divers take you on an excursion. This company and many others like it offer charters and excursion packages that allow you and your family to have a once in a lifetime experience out in the open ocean.  

Lounge on the Beautiful Beaches

When you think of the Bahamas, the first thing you think of is white sand beaches. And for good reason! The country is known for its iconic beaches that stretch on for miles and draw travelers from all around the world to the ocean’s shore. 

If you are visiting, there are a few specific coastlines you shouldn’t miss. Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island is known for its gorgeous rose-color sand that you won’t see anywhere else. 

In addition to lounging and soaking in the sun, there are opportunities to ride along the beaches on horseback and explore deserted coastlines like those on Cat Island. 

The magic of Bahamian beaches is endless and there is truly always something new to discover and enjoy. 

Experience the Magic of the Exuma Pigs

One of the most incredible experiences that draws tourists to the Bahamas is the opportunity to splash around in the ocean with the Exuma Pigs! 

Close to the island of Staniel Cay, some locals say that sailors left pigs there as a backup source of food. Over the years, the pigs populated the island and have made it their home. Others say that the pigs swam to the island to seek safety after a ship sank nearby. Regardless of the accuracy of these origin stories, the Exuma Pigs are happy and thriving on this island, drawing tourists from around the globe to witness them. The beloved tradition of petting and swimming with the sea-loving piglets is totally unique to the country and has become a staple part of Bahamian tourism over the years. 

With so many incredible ways to explore the Bahamas, and activities for all interests and desires, the adventure of a lifetime is just a flight away. 

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