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Keep Cats Entertained in Backpacks

Everyone loves being entertained. That’s why we watch comedy shows, and do anything that makes us feel alive, happy and invigorated. We have come to understand that cats are fussy, and sometimes hard to please, but they also love to be entertained! Carrying your cat on a trip usually requires a lot and if your pet isn’t satisfied with the experience, it could cloud their sense of judgement about adventures in general. So what can you do to avoid this unfortunate state of events? 

Here are some general tips to keep your cat entertained in it’s backpack:

A backpack lets you take your cat with you on a hike or any other outdoor adventure. Finding the perfect one for your furry friend can be tricky, so when you research , first make sure that it is a clear backpack for better view (to avoid things getting lost in dark compartments) and second train them on how to use their new home!

What’s the benefit of getting a clear backpack for your cat? 

By doing this, you would be giving your cat a lovely experience- as your cat is able to fully immerse itself in this adventure with you. 

The clear backpacks will not only allow your cat to see the surroundings, but also see you. This is very reassuring to a pet that’s being introduced into a new environment, and helps your cat remain at rest. Some backpacks come with a flap or a zip, and during the trip, you can open the flap to allow your pet to bring out its head, and take in its surroundings. 

Now that you have gotten the best backpacks for your pet, what can you do to keep your cat thoroughly delighted within the backpack? Rewards!

Your adventurous cat will surely be happy in the clear cat backpack but you can do more. Keeping your cat entertained on the journey depends on what your cat enjoys and its personality. For a food-motivated cat, treats will keep it happy while for others, toys should do the trick.

During your trip, ensure to fill the backpack with its appropriate reward –  either treats or toys. Also, ensure your cat is familiar with the toys and treats. Start by using it at home before carrying it outdoors in the backpack.

Remember to lower the backpack intermittently, during which you should play with your cat. To reduce restlessness, ensure you reassure your cat that you are the one carrying the backpack, by either speaking to it or placing the backpack on the ground so it can see your face. You can also wear the backpack in front to reduce the swaying motion and maintain eye contact with your cat during the trip.

We hope these tips can help make your cat happy and keep it entertained throughout your adventurous road trip with your cat!

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