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How to travel vicariously during lockdown

Pretty much everyone is struggling with the lockdown. Apart from not being able to see their family and friends, one of the things people seem to be missing the most is travel. Even those who only normally go away for a couple of weeks and the odd weekend have reached the point where they just want a change of scenery. 

It is hard to deal with this feeling. The only thing that would get rid of it completely is to get in the car and stay in a hotel for a few days. But, understandably, most people do not want to take that risk, even if the current rules where they live allow them to do so. For them, the next best option is to travel vicariously. To use the experiences of others and memories of their trips to go somewhere else, at least mentally. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Decorate your home with some of your travel memories

Taking a few of your favourite holiday snaps and having them turned into prints by Hello Canvas is easy. Once they arrive, all you need to do is to hang them. Putting a few up somewhere you will see them when you start your day is a great idea. It is a way of giving yourself a little bit of a mental pick me up. If you want a few more ideas about how to use travel mementos to decorate your home, click here.

Binge-watch travel shows

There are some really good travel shows out there. Try streaming some of your favourites. Binge-watching ones that are about places you have been too is an effective way to reignite those travel memories. 

It can also be interesting to watch travel shows that were shot many years ago, then watch some more current ones that are about the same places. Seeing the way that somewhere has changed and evolved is always interesting. Some of the bigger travel documentary makers are currently doing particularly interesting re-cap shows.

Dig a little deeper into the history of somewhere you enjoyed

If there is a part of a country that you particularly enjoyed, immerse yourself in it for a week or two. Download books about the area, go online and watch videos about it and dig out your own and re-watch those. You will be surprised by how learning more about a place you have already been to makes it come alive. Often, local customs and behaviour that you observed while you were there will suddenly make sense. This YT channel is a particularly good source of information. Their videos are all professionally shot and edited, which makes them even more enjoyable. 

Taking the time to remember or experience a place through the eyes of others is surprisingly relaxing. It is a great way to lift yourself out of your day-to-day life and give yourself a mental break, so I hope you give some of the above suggestions a go.

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