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Haas Coffee in Colourful Bo Kaap, Cape Town.


First the art, now the coffee. This is the path that Haas Design Collective has taken in adding the tastiest form of art in their Haas Coffee Collection. Haas on Rose street sits amongst the brightly coloured houses in the Cape Malay quarter of the Bo Kaap.  Plush designer chairs, outdoor umbrellas and arty cushions will signal that you’ve arrived.

Coffee snobs and art lovers alike will find bliss at this little hub.  You can choose between single origin and blend coffee such as spicy Indian, Guatumalan or even the world’s most expensive coffee: kopi luwak for about R80 for a single espresso!  Because all coffee is roasted in-house, I’m assured that the quality remains superb and I had to agree after savouring my Indian cappuccino.

The waiters moved swiftly between the espresso machine and the tables with black top hats and white shirts. Whilst waiting for your coffee, you have the chance to be enriched by the culmination of artwork displayed by photographers, designers and sculptors.  If you fall in love with the plush blue couch inside, you can order it to be made for your own home.  Jewellry, limited edition gifts and paintings ensure the interior comes alive and beckons you to linger way longer than your single coffee takes to sip.

The intoxicating smell of roasting beans, the hiss of the milk steamer, dark chocolate cake  and bold Tretchikoff cushions provide a full experience for your senses. Sitting on the sidewalk of Bo Kaap’s cobbled streets, I could gaze at the tip of Lion’s Head, watch young boys rollerskating by and even chat to the local homeless man donning a red  and blue wig.  Good thing this coffee shop is near my work. I fear nearby coffee shops now have some stiff, sweet competition in town.  Look out Cape Town, Haas has arrived.

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