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Five US College Sports Cities You Have To Visit

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The world is slowly returning towards some sort of normality after almost two years COVID-19 related restrictions. Many of you are likely considering a road trip to a new town, hoping to experience something new and exciting. Some of you may be sports lovers. So where should you visit if you’re a sports fan and want to soak in some game-day Saturday action away from the hustle-bustle of the NBA and NFL?

Madison, WI

Madison is the second-largest city in Wisconsin behind Milwaukee. The whole of Wisconsin is buzzing right now after the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA finals for only the second time and the first time since 1971, so it’s a great time to visit. The city of Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where the Wisconsin Badgers college basketball team ply their trade.

Basketball aside, Madison is home to an extensive network of parks and bike trails, making it the perfect location for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors. 

There are several major commercial areas of Madison that are worthwhile checking out. Head to Capitol Square, Hilldale, Monroe Street, Park Street, and State Street to discover everything Madison offers.

Austin, TX

Texans love their sport; they practically live and breathe it. Austin is massive. It is the fourth-most populous city in Texas and the 11th across the entire United States. Being the capital of Texas means there is so much to see and do in Austin that you could spend weeks there and still not take everything in.

Austin College is the home to baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and many more athletic sports. Each team is affectionately known as the Kangaroos, with students referring to their teams as “the fighting roos.”

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Boulder, CO

Boulder, Colorado, not only has a cool name, but it is also a fantastic American city to head to if you love college sports. The city’s University of Colorado is the home to the Colorado Buffaloes, which has produced some incredible talent that made it all the way to the NBA. The likes of Tyler Bey  (Dallas Mavericks), Spencer Dinwiddie (Brooklyn Nets), Andre Roberson (Brooklyn Nets), and Derrick White (San Antonio Spurs) are just a handful of former Buffs currently playing in the NBA.

Boulder enjoys hot summers between June and September but expects snowfall in November and December. Visit in the winter if you want to brave the annual polar bear plunge, where participants plunge themselves in a freezing reservoir before retreating to hot tubs to recover!

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, Florida, is where you’ll find the University of Florida; one of the five biggest university campuses by enrollment in the United States. The University is the home of the Florida Gators, who compete across a huge range of major sports and athletic events.

Gainesville plays host to several annual cultural events, including the Spring Arts Festival, which usually happens in early April, the nationally recognized Downtown Festival and Art Show each fall, and the Hoggetowne Medieval Fair that has run for the past 20 years.

 “Gainesville, FL” by Wikimedia is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Knoxville, TN

Knoxville is the third-largest city in Tennessee, behind only the world-famous Nashville and Memphis, which means you will never be short of activities to enjoy during your time here. Want to enjoy some college basketball? Look out for when the Knoxville College Bulldogs are in town.

The city of Knoxville has seven sister cities, including Larissa, Greece, and Yesan of South Korea. Also, the city is referenced in the 1994 movie blockbuster Pulp Fiction, where Bruce Willis’ character is from Knoxville, and in the 2000 film Road Trip, which was partially filmed at the University of Tennessee campus!

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