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Escape to Stillness Spa in Cape Town.

Before I’ve even reached Stillness Spa in Tokai I begin to relax. The drive takes me past forests, a golf estate and upward further towards the mountains. Bushes amassing with colourful blooms line the roadside and after passing a few stop signs and giant trees, I turn left at the sign.

It’s only been two minutes off the main road, but already I feel far from the cars, bustle and traffic. I make my way past the stables and shiny horses behind the fence and to the property tucked all the way at the road’s end on the foothills of the mountain.

I breathe a sigh of relief and giggle quietly to myself each time I enter these gates. To my left lies a languid pool accompanied with umbrellas and loungers. A forest green lawn trails all the way from the driveway past the wooden pathway until it touches the proud Cape Dutch manor house where guests can overnight.

The hedges are perfectly trimmed and the trees provide shade for the lower portion of the garden. As I make my way along the deck the spa, the tiny pink blooms and yellow flowers lend their fragrance to the air and are quite irresistible for the eye.

I’ve been coming here for over a year, but each time this place unstitches me. Walking through the front door of the spa melts the resolve of my body and mind to hold onto anything too taxing. Candles are lit, oils float through the air and all I’m concerned about is my full body massage.

The indoor pool spans the length of courtyard enclosed in glass. Pillars flank the pool and the sun casts massive rays of light into the transparent lounging area.

My fluffy, toweling gown signals that I have sweet nothing to do for the next hour. I’m beyond excited that Candice is my masseuse today as she has vast experience in beauty treatments.

Before she’s even completed de-knotting the back side of my body, I have already dozed off in a comatose cloud of bliss. The only reason I become semi-conscious is to turn over before my legs, arms and shoulders are skillfully massaged. All heavenly things come to an end as did this massage.

Whilst my husband believes that massages are a luxury, as a dancer I believe they are mandatory and fully necessary as a time to switch off, do absolutely nothing and relieve mental and physical tension. How I wish this could be a weekly occurrence.

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Enquire at Stillness Spa about the variety of treatments available for men and for women. Email Candice or call +27 217138822 with your enquiries.

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My experience at Stillness Spa was sponsored but all views expressed are my own.

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