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Danger Zone Travel- How To Stay Safe Amid Risks & Threats.

Adventure travel is all about exploring new destinations and awe-inspiring experiences. But if you are a true thrill-seeker or need to travel to certain destinations for work, you will probably have a couple of danger-zone destinations on your upcoming itinerary. Even as you may not want to miss out on these experiences, it always makes sense to be on the safe side.

Fortunately, a strategic travel safety plan can keep you secure amid risks and threats, even in the most dangerous places on the planet. Here are some tried and tested tips from real travellers who have been there and tasted the thrill of danger-zone travel.

Know the destination before you land 

The best way to start planning is with extensive research, and the internet sets you up for success. Start by researching your destination to have a complete picture of the crime prognosis, threats, high-risk zones, and more. While you check out the destination, read more about body Armor and whether you can carry and wear it while you are there. It can keep you safe from real threats, so do not miss out on this critical piece of information.

Be mentally prepared

At this stage, you will have a fair idea of the threats and perils you may encounter when you reach the danger-zone destination. Ask yourself if you are prepared for them because mental preparation is the first step. Skip the travel plan even if there’s a shadow of doubt because you need to be confident and sure enough to handle any situation you come across. 

Physical preparation is equally vital

The next step is physical preparation because it sets you up to combat threats if you get into a fix. Start working on your fitness levels early so that you have adequate stamina to escape from a risky area. It is the safest thing to do in most situations, and a strong pair of legs can be your best ally. Taking a self-defence training course is a good idea because it helps as you travel or are at home.

Pack the safety essentials

Once you are physically and mentally prepared, it is time to get started with your plans. Having a safety essential packing list gives you a good start. If you can carry a bulletproof vest legitimately, pack it first. You can pick engarde body armour without second thoughts if you are a first-timer or want a replacement for your old vest. Check airline rules and ensure you follow them while packing the ballistic vest and pepper sprays. 

Carry your common sense

Danger-zone or safe-zone, you must carry your common sense every time you set your foot outside the house. Beware of travel scams and take care of your stuff at the airport, in taxis, and in the hotel room. Choose safe accommodation and avoid going out during late hours. Never trust a stranger, no matter how friendly they seem. Stay in touch with loved ones back home throughout the trip.

As long as you follow these rules, travelling safely to a danger zone is an achievable task. Confidence, good preparation, and alertness take you a step ahead with safety. Be safe and have a great trip! 

All articles on the website are meant to be informative and educational and the views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of website owners or editors. Please consult your own travel clinic and embassy at home before making any travel destination decisions.

Author Bio:   Danny Machowsky is a full-time traveler and a part-time consultant. She’s been running across borders in her 2009 Chevy, since 2018. Her travel ideas and content has garnered her a massive reader base.

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