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Coron Travel Guide

If Coron is still not on your bucket list, you are making a big mistake. After all, the breathtakingly beautiful island is sure to blow your mind with its stunning views and clear blue waters along pristine white beaches.

Here is a complete guide for those who have little clue about Coron.

Where is Coron?

Coron is part of Palawan Island and one of the four towns that make the Calamian Group of Islands. There are 51 islands and islets in Calamianes that is home to enchanting lakes and sacred cultural sites. It is the first-class municipality in Palawan province of Philippines.

How to reach Coron?

The Coron island is easily accessible via boat or direct flight from El Nido and Manila. One can take a direct flight to arrive at Busuanga Airport, and from there it is half an hour drive to Coron. There are fast ferry El Nido to Coron services that take about 5 hours.

Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels in Coron that suit every kind of budget and travelers. One should look for the lodging options in the main town, or they would be far away from the beaches. It is a good idea to buy a SIM card because of the limited WiFi in the town. Vela Hotel and Fat Monkey Hostel are popular among the tourists.

What to do and see?

Coron boasts of jaw-dropping limestone formations and white beaches with clear jade-green waters. The small town is used majorly as a port for island hopping tours. There is plenty to do and see here, and the major highlights are as follows:

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