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(Closed) Capture the Colour: Competition

We have selected five local and international images from recent trips and come up with these as our favorites. Find out how to enter here!

1. Red Roman’s being sold at Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town
Cape Town started out as a trading post and stopover between Europe and Asia. Our heritage lies in the oceans and our fishermen have, often perilously, served out their years there for a pair of fish less glamorous than these. The best thing about this image, however, was the wet & fishy handshake I received afterwards from the man holding them!

2. The underwater world of Blue at Koh Nangyuan, Thailand
The magic of Koh Nangyuan lies in the crystal clear, filled with fish and warm azure water that surrounds the Island. This photo was taken on extremely overcast day and yet just under the surface lies a world of eternal blue.

3. The White daisy’s of Paternoster, South Africa
Paternoster is a town just up the West Coast of South Africa from Cape Town. It’s a small fishing village known for its white washed houses and wild west coast Daisy’s.

4. The Yellow taxis lined up outside St. Scholastica’s College, Manila
We passed this street while walking the streets of manic Manila, the sheer amount of yellow taxis that were lined up to fetch the children astonished me and is a testament to the density of this incredible city.

5. Sheep grazing in Green, South Africa
This image is one of my favourite’s – it represents South Africa so well and the phenomenal wealth of natural beauty we have. We passed this scene of green grazing sheep driving back home recently. Just a random drive home.

Our Five Nominations:

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Find out how to enter here!

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