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Cape Town from the Skies: NAC Helicopters

Cape Town

Cape Town from above with NAC Helicopters

The Mother City

Born and bred in the Mother City I had witnessed the beauty of our peninsula from land, admired it while out at sea and marvelled at its views from numerous mountain tops, yet nothing could compare to seeing its full splendour from up above. Thanks to NAC Helicopters I got to do just that and man was it breathtaking.

Up up and away!

Walking into the reception area, we were welcomed in the best of ways by their incredibly friendly staff and the complimentary champagne didn’t hurt either. We checked in and after the safety brief, sat down while waiting for our turn to take to the skies. The excitement was huge as I watched those before us take off.

The waiting area consists of a comfortable inside lounge area with coffee / tea / champagne facilities and an outside deck that is perfect for viewing the helicopters take off and land.

At last it was our turn; as I walked to the helicopter it felt surreal to hear the famous sound of the whisking rotor blades and as we climbed in and were strapped in, we were handed headphones that allowed us to communicate with each other as well as with the pilot. Taking off was immensely exciting and I watched as the peninsula, now beneath us, grew smaller and smaller as we climbed higher.


Lions Head and Signal Hill

Coming out of the harbour we saw the V & A Waterfront and the bustling city bowl in the distance and made our way over Green Point Stadium followed by the unmistakable red and white stripes of the Green Point lighthouse. The beautiful beaches of Cape Town‘s atlantic seaboard were just as stunning from up above as they are on the ground and the amazing Twelve Apostles mountain range stood statuesque against the vivid blue backdrop the Cape Town sky.

This is your Captain speaking!

Seeing Cape Town from the skies was a phenomenal experience  and our pilot was very informative and just as friendly as the rest of the staff we had met, making our flight thoroughly enjoyable. It was a bombardment of the senses as I tried to soak up as much of the sights as possible. And with a new, impossibly beautiful, view to see at every turn, I fell in love with my city all over again and really didn’t want it to end.

The atlantic seaboard never looked so good 🙂

  • Just a fraction of the cockpit controls!

  • Our teeny tiny shadow.

Time passed in a flash and before I knew it we were turning around to make our way back. Once we had landed I climbed out feeling as if I was walking on clouds. What an incredible and exciting experience. However biased I may be I can confidently say there’s no place in the world quite as beautiful as Cape Town!

The tour described above was The Hopper Tour offered by NAC Helicopters, however there are various options on offer – even tours to the Cape Winelands and Shark Cage Diving in Gaansbaai!  

For those wanting to experience a Cape Town Helicopter Tour, we can confidently recommend NAC  Helicopters as the company to choose. You can find them in the Waterfront and find out more information include contact details here.

At the V&A Waterfront

An incredible variety of tours.

We were given a free helicopter ride in order to review.
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