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Cape Town, ever chilly. Don’t come without your coat.

Cape Town, or South Africa in general to be honest, should ALREADY either be on your travel wishlist or ticked off (in which case you are more than likely haunted with epic memories from one of the best cities in the world and most probably have intentions to return,) so I’ll not even bother trying to lull you in with breathy sweet nothings. It’s Cape Town. 

If you haven’t heard of the us, then, quite frankly. You’re not our type. Take the blue pill. Forget you ever saw this article, enjoy your life of scrapbooking Starbucks napkins. End // > 

psssst . 

Y’all intrepid explorers who eyes fearlessly took the road less travelled from the above paragraph, to this on(e.


Your curiosity had qualified you. You’ll survive our tiny EurAfrican entrance hall to a continent still so, U N K N O W N, that the mere mention of it gives you street cred the world over. “Africa.” 

Have you ever noticed how people refer to African travel in the same way that military refers to missions? 

If you want that. Come

But start in Cape Town. If Africa is beer, then we’re a shandy. We’ll get you started and give you reason to return. 

Should you come with a coat? 

I’ll level with you. This post is not designed to give you everything you need to know about visiting or even planning your African itinerary. In fact, go here for that. this post is more about pointing you in the right direction should you need to find some jackets for men. That said, it is also an opportunity to learn, for any travellers domestic or foreign, that you should never come without a coat.  

Cape Town is devious like that. The city throws just the right blend of scorching summer days throughout the year (yes, they are not necessarily in summer) to deceive even locals that have lived here their entire lives, into under-dressing. Or leaving home without a coat. In fact it’s Murphys law that on these very days that we set caution to the wind, that we are SWIFTLY and severely punished or at least treated to a demonstration of just how quickly the weather can change. 

Yes, I’m using 400 words to answer what I could have in four. Buts that is what’s lekker about the internet. Some people will feel that it’s unnecessary and sometimes even feel intentionally duped into a time wasting spot of content consumption, and yet others just enjoy reading as much waffle as I can muster. Because it’s lekker to connect with other humans on the other side of the world through these screens were expanding our minds with.

It’s digital. The space is free. 

So let me quickly wrap things up and say that if you are in our pretty city, and you need to get hold of some men’s coats for example, then head over to Superbalist’s section on coats for men, follow those links and be thankful that even in deepest dark, Africa, we have same day delivery! 😉 

Ciao! N

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