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Bridal Diaries: Finding a Cape Town wedding venue if you’re not a Millionaire.

One of my Dad’s favourite lines is, “I’m not Rockefeller, I’m the other fella”. Cheesy as it is, I often find myself wanting to repeat this to wedding venue owners.  If your parents or future in-laws are millionaires, finding a venue will not prove problematic for you.  You can pick and choose from a vast array of beautiful winelands, beachfront and farmland venues which all come with a Monaco-esque price tag. For the rest of us, there’s a dreaded word otherwise known as a budget. Personally, I’m a fairly simple gal. Give me a warm beach, a few lanterns, picnicking guests and I would be overjoyed.  So you can imagine my devastation when the first beach venue (along the West Coast) I enquired from came with a R25 000 venue fee!

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