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The Adventure Traveler’s Handbook.

When it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring the world beyond your front door and learning to take risks in life, Nellie Huang, has it sorted. After years of riveting travel tales and breathtaking photography showcased on her travel blog,, she offers up something brand new which is bound to inspire everyone from the lethargic to the hardcore wanderlusters. Her book is called the Adventure Traveler’s Handbook.

What is the book about?

Ultimately her book guides readers along a path to seeking an extraordinary life and sprinting towards goals you imagined were beyond you. Nellie shares about what first inspired her to ‘take the plunge’ into the world of adventure and not only paints exhilarating pictures with her words but shares stories from other award-winning travel bloggers and authors.

Fear and anxiety are one of the main reasons people decide to live life a little too carefully and not try new things, but Nellie gives great advice for all travelers. She takes you on a journey from pre-planning and packing to safety precautions in the snow, water, mountains and on the road.

The book covers detailed advice on when and where to go for particular trips, how to survive when things go wrong, how to stay safe and healthy and taking adequate precautions before embarking on your travels.

What I love about it?

I particularly love the honest and helpful guidance which she gives as a result of having tried and enjoyed all of these adventures herself. I thought I was quite adventurous until I read this and realised how often I still allow fear to hold back in so many situations.

She has also changed the way I see adventure. I always imagined that ‘adventure’ meant hiking through treacherous, snowy mountains and soaring down wild rapids, but choosing to relocate to a unknown country where people have different food, cultures and ways of life is one, big adventure all by itself.

I love her recollection of travel tales such as volunteering, overland journeys, shark cage diving in South Africa and exploring ‘closed’ countries which all truly inspire one to push deeper, go further and seek more out of life.

Who is this book for?

I would say this book is for everyone- Seasoned travelers and beginners. There is adventure to be had anywhere. As long as you take precautions and carefully consider the how-to’s and what to pack, you’ll be fine. In fact your life will be radically changed and enriched. The time is now.

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