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Best Travel Guide to Visit Egypt

There are a lot of things to understand and know about when it comes to a wonderful amazing country like Egypt. There, you will find dozens of ancient temples, tombs, attractive sites, unbelievable treasures that you can explore while being in Egypt. When you want to relax for some time and head to a different place abroad to take a break from your busy life, Egypt is going to be the best possible destination to have such a break since it contains some fascinating landmarks that date back to much more than 4500 years ago.

While planning your adventure to Egypt, you will find that there are so many questions that you need to answer like what are the exact tourist places that you shouldn’t miss:

And tens of other similar questions that make any traveler feel hesitated in planning a tour to such a destination.

We have come today with the best guide which includes answers to the majority of inquiries which any traveler may have and we have included them in a form of questions & answers to get the feeling that you have someone to answer all the questions that you may have so kindly keep reading and you will find the answers you are looking for.

  1. What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

In case you are planning to enjoy a wonderful tour and enjoy the beautiful weather in Egypt, then you need to avoid the summer season in Egypt as the temperature can get up to 38°C during the daytime and that is definitely not the best weather for the majority of tourists. After comparing the different feedback of Egypt’s visitors, we have found that the winter season that starts from around the end of October until the end of April is considered the most favorable part of the year for tourists who want to tour around the greatest historical sightseeing around Egypt especially those which are located in Upper Egypt & Giza Complex.

Some travelers prefer the summer season more than the winter season as they can enjoy some interesting water sports in the coastal beaches of the Red Sea like those in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. That is definitely not the only reason as the second major reason that attracts tourists is the discounts & affordable prices they can get in such a season since it is known as the low season in Egypt for tourists. So you can enjoy a relaxed tour with no tourists’ crowds and a really good deal.

  1. Best Public Holidays to Attend in Egypt

There are some highlighted holidays and celebrations that tourists can attend while being in Egypt and that option will allow them to spend a totally exceptional vacation. Among those celebrations is the wonderful Ramadan which is one of the most famous Islamic holidays in Egypt. Muslims fast during that month from the sunrise up to the sunset as an act of obedience to the orders of Allah. Tourists who visit Egypt during that festival enjoy the most delicious oriental food during their accommodation and know a lot of amazing traditions & customs of the Egyptians.

There is also the fascinating Eid El-Fetr which comes directly after Ramadan and it is a celebration in which Egyptians head to their families & friends, go to public parks, and enjoy the best traditional customs they have a long time ago. We can’t forget the incredible Eid El-Adha when Muslims pray and sacrifice a sheep following the sacrifice of Ibrahim. There is also the remarkable Coptic Christmas & the Coptic Easter which are known in Egypt with the most exciting ceremonies and it is a totally wonderful chance for tourists to get to know more about the amazing Egyptian civilization.

  1. How Can I Get a Visa to Enter Egypt?

There are some nationalities including the Arab & the Western European countries, New Zealand, the USA, Australia, Canada, and similar countries that can obtain their e-visa before their arrival or even wait until their arrival to Egypt and get their visas at Cairo International Airport. There are other countries that can’t receive their visas upon their arrival to Egypt and they need to apply for it before their arrival including Nigeria and India.

  1. What are the Must-be-Visited Places in Egypt?

There are countless places to visit and in order not to get confused or even miss any important sightseeing, you need to write down the most interesting attractions that you want to explore and consider hiring Egypt tours that include your top spots. From our point of view and based on the history of the following attractions, we can guarantee that these sites are the most exceptional spots in Egypt and you will love each one of them:

Check Egypt Tours one of the top travel agencies in Egypt and tourism organizations which offer a wide variety of tours include visits to all Egypt top tourist attractions.

  1. What Types of Tours I can Have in Egypt?

There are three famous types of tours that you can enjoy while spending your vacation in Egypt:

  1. An Overland tour: it is when you move between the famous tourist Egyptian cities by Plane, car, or train. It is the favorable option for the travelers who want to explore the beauty of nature in Egypt around them and visit as possible places as they can. It is about having a closer look at the Egyptian cities.
  2. A Nile Cruise Tour: it is the most interesting option for any traveler who wants to go for a more relaxing option and explore the greatness of the majestic Nile River. Such an adventure is about boarding a floating hotel and sail the greatest river in the world. It is such an incomparable adventure for you and your family as you can enjoy the best luxurious accommodation and use the most astonishing facilities & amenities.
  3. A Recreational Tour: There is no visit to Egypt is complete without heading to a coastal city like Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Sharm el-Sheikh, or El-Gouna as there you will get rid of the whole stress in life and be accommodated at an exceptional resort which will have its own beach and facilities for its guests.

You can also enjoy a mixture of those types of tours in Egypt so for example, you can have a Nile Cruise tour with your overland tour in Cairo, or you can mix between having an overland tour with a visit to a coastal city, and finally, you can have a mixture between a Nile Cruise tour with a coastal tour and an overland tour in Cairo to visit the whole interesting sites in Egypt and enjoy a tour to the tiptop highlights in the beautiful Land of Pharaohs.

  1. Is it Safe Enough to Visit Egypt and What are the Places that I Shouldn’t Head to?

Regarding the archeological & historical sites in Egypt like those which are located in Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, we would like to assure that they are all safe and secured for all of the tourists who come to Egypt as the Egyptian government is doing its best efforts not to face any kind of unfortunate events and they have learned a lot from the previous events to make sure that the life of all guests are safe and they will get back home with the best possible memories from their adventure in Egypt, it is even much safer than what the media will have you believe so there is nothing to worry about regarding Egypt at all. It is the dream destination for any traveler who is interested in history and aim to explore some fabulous great treasure that were left by the greatest rulers ever reigned any country.

There are some non-recommended destinations in Egypt that you need to avoid including:

  1. Can I Visit Egypt as a Solo Traveler or Should I join a Group Tour?

When it comes to the difference between independent travel & group tours in Egypt, We would like to clarify that both options are totally available and it depends on you whether you would like to travel alone or to head with the ones you love but the most important thing to keep in mind is that Egypt is a safe country and you will be able to enjoy the best Egypt tours whatever the number of travelers who are with you. You should also know that it is highly recommended to have a tour guide to join you during your tours as he will be the one who knows the best places to visit, the duration of time you need to spend on each site, the most recommended cafés and restaurants, and assist you to spend the best tour you want but you decided to travel alone with no tour guide, you may miss some of the most important attractions in Egypt without even knowing that during your vacation.

  1. What is Tipping in Egypt and is it Obligatory?

There are so many traditions and customs in Egypt that you will know once you arrive at Egypt and among the most notable of them is the tipping issue. The Egyptians always expect receiving tips after assisting any foreigner and it is something known and totally acceptable, however, you should never feel that you are obliged to do so. If you found that the services that you received are totally satisfactory and that the one you requested something for did it well, feel free to give tipping that match the services you have received. If you didn’t feel satisfied regarding what you got, don’t hesitate to say no regarding the tipping and leave. If you felt that someone is following you and insist on taking money from your side, then it is highly recommended to seek for help from and police officer around you and they will assist you in a very good way.

  1. Do I Need Vaccinations to be Able to Travel to Egypt?

It is very safe to visit Egypt without vaccinations although the CDC “The Centers of Disease Control & Prevention” has mentioned that travelers should have routine vaccines for mumps, measles, tetanus, rubella, diphtheria, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid.

  1. Can I Drink Water from the Tap while Being in Egypt?

Egyptians usually drink Tap water but it is not recommended for foreigners as it is heavily chlorinates. You can use tap water to have a shower, brush your teeth, and so on. In order to drink good water, you can get bottled water which is very easy to obtain and its price is very reasonable.

  1. What Can I Eat in Egypt?

Egypt is world-wide known with its amazing meals that are prepared at its different cafés and restaurants. Among the most recommended Egyptian meals are foul, falafel, kebab, Kofta, Shawerma, hummus, mahshi, koshari, hawawshy, and so many desserts like konafa, basbosa, om Ali, golash, ros blaban, and other delicious meals that will make you fall in love with the Egyptian cuisine but you definitely should check the quality of restaurant that you are going to eat at and make sure that the food hasn’t been left out and that the restaurant is following a good hygiene standard.

  1. What Should I Wear While Being in Egypt?

This is the second most important question after asking about the best time to visit Egypt as it is something very confusing and stressful while packing your bags to get ready to travel to Egypt. The most important thing to keep in mind is that what you wear depends on the season you have chosen to visit Egypt. So after making sure of temperature in Egypt and the state of weather during the time of your tour, you should start packing the most suitable clothes for you. Make sure that what you are going to wear matches the culture in Egypt and always be modestly dressed. Men can wear shorts while being in Egypt and women can wear pants, t-shirts, and dresses. There is no specific dress-code in Egypt but try not to get any unnecessary attention over you while being in the land of Pharaohs.

  1. What do I Need to Pack for an Egypt Tour?

There are some essential things that you need to pack with you to enjoy your tour in Egypt including the following items:

  1. What is the Main Currency that I Can Use in Egypt and How Can I Exchange Some of my Money?

The main currency that is used in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound “EGP” but in any tourist site, café, hotel, and shops, you will find that they deal with USD or with Credit Cards as they provide every available payment way to make it much easier for Egypt’s visitors to buy and get whatever they need. Regarding exchanging your money, you can do so once you arrive in Egypt as you can get the best exchange rate directly at Cairo International Airport including USD, EGP, EURO, GBP, CAD, AUD, or whatever currency you have and if you don’t want to carry lots on money with you, you can use your card to withdraw any amount of money you want from the ATMs that are located in public.

We hope that we have provided you with the most important answers to any of the main questions that can come to your mind while planning a vacation to the majestic land of Pharaohs and the most important thing to keep in mind is that, Egypt is the most affordable destination that you can head to in order to spend some unforgettable time with the ones you really.

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