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What are the Best Times for Whale Watching in Sydney?

A ride on a cruise is an exciting experience for sure, and it heightens when you get to see a few whales jumping high in the air, tail slapping or mugging, especially in moments when they are closest to the cruise ship. If you want to experience these thrilling moments, Sydney welcomes you to offer this lifetime journey on the tides.

Whale watching is an immensely popular activity in Sydney. The best months for it are winter and spring. Therefore, before deciding to go out on the sea, be informed beforehand, because these views are not available all year round. If you choose summer for this purpose, you might not be in luck. The whales in Sydney migrate to a few other places in the months of summer.

Whale Species in Sydney

In Sydney, you will get to see several species such as the following ones;

Most of the time, you will get to see the first two species in Sydney. They don’t stay at the same place all year round but keep migrating due to different reasons.

Generic Reasons of Migration

A few major reasons whale migration are as follows;

Migration Patterns of Humpback Whales 

In Sydney, Humpback Whales pass through between the months of April and December depending on their travelling course and numbers. They are called Group 5 Southern Hemisphere to differentiate from groups migrating in other regions. The whales choose the distance from coast as per the strength of oceans current. They mainly migrate for breeding. You can get a glimpse from high points such as a cliff, though you may get lucky enough to catch a view from the beach.

Starting in April to last till mid-August, they head north mainly for mating purposes. They swim continuously north with frequent forays to the surface. It is ideal to watch these whales from the seashore.

They start moving to south from mid-August till December to go back to Antarctic feeding and it is when they may not make frequent reaches to the surface. It means that it is not the ideal time for whale watching. They also swim at a slower pace.

Migration Patterns of Southern Right Whale

They migrate a little differently from humpback whales. In winter, they get to shoreline for mating and shelter with their calves. They stay for longer there and then start moving towards either the north or south. Since they move slowly, you can see more of them on or near the surface.

Now you know the best times to see the whales in Sydney and when you should not expect them to jump and tail slap. Oz Whale Watching is a top whale watching tour service in Sydney. It is trusted by many trusted services like TripAdvisor and Ecotourism. If you do not get to see the whales, Oz Whale Watching offers a free return visit to its customers, which makes it a win-win situation for you.

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