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Some of our best hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Over the past twenty months of our expat life in Malaysia we have been totally spoilt. We’ve managed to stay in some the most magnificent hotels around the country  from Langkawi in the north to Tioman Island in the south. But one place we’ve returned to  again and again, is of course Kuala Lumpur.

We’ve listed a four of our best hotels in Kuala Lumpur below – they aren’t budget by any means but they certainly aren’t overpriced at all. In fact most Western traveller’s will find them very affordable. I hope you find these as enjoyable as we did.

The Eastin

Our Room and experience:

When we arrived at The Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya (Kuala Lumpur) were surprised and beyond excited to learn that we had been upgraded from the family deluxe suite to the Presidential Suite! although the family suite had ample room for our needs at square metres, the presidential suite blew us away at 226 square metres – it was bigger than our house!

I did my best to try hide the grin that kept exploding onto my face but my efforts were in vain. The room was absolutely mesmerising and when I saw the jacuzzi it was all but over. I made up my mind then and there that I I was quite happy to spend the next 48 hours inside our room (mini-hotel.)

We had two bedrooms, a board room / dining room, a private kitchen, jacuzzi, three bathrooms, gigantic lounge with 4 sofas, writing desk and office area and three large screen televisions all to ourselves. We also had access to a special lounge that served cocktails and cappuccinos. We went from being tourists to rockstars. Instantly.

During out time at the Eastin we found the staff nothing but helpful and extremely accommodating. We had a truly memorable experience here and would easily recommend the hotel to others.

Best Suited For:

The Eastin is primarily a business tourist hotel and although there were a few “regular” tourists around the majority were business guests and it’s easy to see why – everything (and everyone) was very swanky and well manicured.

What we loved:

Our room, the staff, the pool, the coffee and that we never had a single issue with anything.

What could be improved:

It’s tough to criticise such a lovely hotel but it’s important to put something here (nobody’s perfect.) We thought that the staff at breakfast were fantastic but perhaps a little too eager to clear our plates. If they just waited 5 min after we’ve put our cutlery down before swooping in, it would have been more relaxed.


Starts at around $100 per night.

Master Bedroom!

No, this is not the hotel lobby. This was our lounge!

Breakfast time 🙂

Relaxing by the pool.

Thank you to The Eastin for making our visit possible. As usual, all opinions expressed are our own.

Image credits: Vaughan McShane

Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

This entrance speaks volumes. Majestic!

Our Room and experience:

I’ll never forget walking into the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa in Petaling Jaya – the African / Wildlife theme and entrance hall were absolutely spectacular! But more impressive than just the exquisite decor were the staff.

A well trained, friendly staff are one of the things about a hotel that truly leave a lasting impression and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the staff at Sunway Resort and Spa were some of the best i’ve ever encountered across our travels. They were professional, warm, friendly and truly funny (not just polite funny.) I could go on.

We stayed in the Club Suite and enjoyed wonderful views of the Sunway Lagoon park and swimming pool below. Everything about our suite oozed comfort and “detail” and the bath really topped it off for us. It was very spacious too, one very large bedroom and an equally large lounging area gave us more than enough space.

We spent our days relaxing by the pool (our highlight), our afternoons in the magnificent Balinese Spa and our evenings strolling around the shops nearby.

The Breakfast and Dinner’s were feasts! I don’t think i’ve ever been offered such a choice of meals! We absolutely devoured our meals and never had enough time to sample it all.

Best Suited For:

Families, couples, solo’s and even business tourists too. Sunway caters perfectly to the needs of all kind of travellers.

What we loved:

The Staff, the Spa, the swimming pool and the food.

What could be improved:

Difficult to say – I’m tempted not to write anything here but it wouldn’t be a review without adding things to improve! Perhaps they could’ve monitored the air conditioning a little more closely at dinner. We were freeing at one table and had to move to another. That was the only thing I remember.


Starts at around $140 per night.


Bedroom and peak through to lounge. (Excuse the messy bed – we couldn’t help jumping on it!)

Peak through to the amazing swimming pool area.

The hotel from the Sunway Lagoon

Breakfast area with a huge variety of food.

Special birthday cake for my aunt! We loved the thoughtfulness.

Thank you to Sunway Resort and Spa for making our visit possible. As usual, all opinions expressed are our own.

Image credits: Vaughan McShane and Sunway Resort and Spa


Rooftop swimming pool 🙂

Our Room and experience:

Aloft KL is without a doubt the freshest and funkiest hotel we’ve stayed at. From the recycling bins in our room, to the artwork above the bed to the Refuel Station on the first floor where you can buy your choice of food and drinks to restock your mini-bar with.

Tables in The Nook restaurant have innovative signs reading “I’m yours” and when we went for breakfast, a sign reading “I’m taken” was in the middle reserving it for us. We enjoyed the multiple plug points next to the bed and at the desk as we always need to use various charges for phones, camera batteries and laptops.

Best Suited For:

To be honest this is a hotel which seems cater well to the needs of young and older travellers plus for those visiting on the city on business. From the weekly live entertainment and bar specials, to the outdoor pools on the roof and the media station on the ground floor; travellers from all walks of life can enjoy this space.

What we loved:

As big coffee lovers, we absolutely loved the fast that the room came with a french press and ground coffee plus take-away mugs. This is one hotel we’ve been to that don’t talk about their ‘going green’ but really live it by allowing you to separate your recycling materials from the waste. This is also one of those hotels that urge you to stay and give you no reason to leave- from an indoor walkway leading to the mall next door ( lifesaver on hazy days) to the Refuel station selling amazing meals like macaroni and cheese for RM12. Another highlight for us was having strawberries dipped in chocolate alongside jellybeans and chocolate balls delivered to our room upon arrival.

What could be improved:

There is not one thing that comes to mind which can be improved within the actual hotel and with staff. the only thing that proved a bit tedious for us as I was pregnant and we had a lot of luggage was the parking. You can take lifts down to the parking, but have to walk through it to one more lift to actually get to your car. The really helpful porters at the front proved a great assistance in this regard and its best if you drop your luggage of first before heading down to the parking lot.



Funky rooms with everything you need. Ours had an awesome view over the city.

Refuel bar and lounge in background. We loved the concept of filling your own mini-bar at Refuel!

Thank you to ALoft for making our visit possible. As usual, all opinions expressed are our own.

Image credits: ALoft

The Majestic Kuala Lumpur

Our Room and experience:

Without a doubt one of the most memorable entrances to a hotel we’ve had. The porters were dressed in an old english uniform which spoke of adventure and old explorers. We felt like we were being transported into a bygone era. The Majestic’s entrance hall, and indeed entire property was exactly that – majestic – no expense has been spared in creating a wonderfully opulent experience for travellers.

Unfortunately we were on a very tight schedule and had only one evening to enjoy the luxurious hotels’ many facilities. But on a tour of the premises I learnt all about it’s fascinating history and traditions that have lasted since it’s establishment in 1932.

Facilities include the Orchid Conservatory, the Drawing Room (an exquisite tea room), Card Room, Cigar Room, Screening Room, traditional barber room, tailor, swimming pool, ballroom, gymnasium and more.

The room itself was a luxurious affair with a stunning bathroom (with a tv above the bath too!), writing desk, L shaped sofa and four poster bed. The furnishings were plush and thoughtfully placed.

Best Suited For:

Couples, Families, Business and Solo Travellers.

What we loved:

The Room, the porters and the sense of olden day tradition.

What could be improved:

Although my hotel tour guide was excellent as was all the staff I met – I felt the checking in process to be a little tedious or under par with comparative hotels.


Starting at $120


How’s this for a room!

We took two rooms – this was mine. All mine!

Stunning bathroom with a tv above the bath tub.

So many orchids!

All the staff are impeccably dressed.

In the Smoke House you can enjoy a game of pool.

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Image credits: Vaughan McShane

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