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Beautiful Places To Visit In Cape Verde

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Vacations to Cape Verde are satisfying and thrilling experiences, giving tourists the chance to enjoy a variety of different styles of a holiday, from relaxed escapes soaking up the scenery of the coastline and the hotel’s pampering atmosphere to adventurous trips based on water sports and outdoor activities. There have been countless things to do in Cape Verde, and these activities are worth spreading throughout the days you spend in the archipelago, allowing you to acquire a rich and satisfying series of experiences. Here are beautiful places to visit in Cape Verde…


Sal Island is known as the sunniest island in Cape Verde. When you approach the island in your plane, it’s hard to believe you’re about to land on such an untouched golden gem. Nevertheless, the island has an international airport and about 20,000 people and still increasing in population. The climate of the islands is scorching and dry, and the miles and miles of sandy beaches make this island a true tropical paradise for those who want to chill by the shore.

See sea creature in Boa Vista 

Boa Vista is one of the most massive breeding grounds in the world for sea turtles and a place that is protected by country and people. Currently, as with any wildlife, maintaining a safe and respectful distance and never touching the turtles from the Loggerhead sea turtles is always necessary. The easiest way to see the turtles is with an arranged tour that can be booked at most on the island hotels for about 70 Euro or less. However, make sure you book via Boa Vista Tourism, and then you will be given a reservation to an official tour company.

The island also offers white sand beaches and small coves 55km/34mi, where you can see turtles and whales. Chaves is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is an enticing place for long and romantic walks by the sea, with a breeze blowing during the day, enjoying the dunes and beautiful views. It’s ideal for windsurfing, sometimes Chaves Beach maybe a little too windy for bathing. There are not many hotels around this area besides the Iberostar, which means that if you come in search of tranquillity, Chaves Beach is a great place to stay.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is also located on the Island of Sal, a vibrant and developed city. The city’s hotels are of the highest standard and will meet the expectations of visitors from Europe and North America comfortably, if not surpassed. This city is one of Cape Verde’s best locations for a stylish beach resort vacation. The sandy beaches only a few minutes’ walks from the luxury hotels offer clear blue water and water sports like scuba diving and jet skiing. The key sight here is the Weighhouse in the old harbour, used in the past to measure salt before exporting it for sale, for visitors looking for culture and history this location will meet your expectation.

Travelling tip: it is advisable not to unpack your bags immediately you return from a vacation, even though you rent an expensive hotel; inspect your bags for any sign of bedbugs, before bringing them inside. The signs usually include blood stains on your clothes, faecal spots or eggshells in your bag, mattresses, offensive, and musty odour from bedbug’s gland. Even the most exquisite rooms can be infested with bedbugs. Also, if you do not have the time, or do not know how to inspect your home, ensure you hire a local pest control company near you

Santiago (Cidade Velha) 

Santiago is the largest island in Cape Verde, the first that the Portuguese explorers found in the year 1460. It is the ancient capital of the archipelago, which was founded in 1462. It remains a precious architectural legacy from its glorious past. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009, it includes Rua da Banana, the first paved street constructed in Africa, two churches, the Fort of São Filipe, and Pelourinho, a small but significant 16th-century pillory, symbolizing royal power. Moreover, the location is where the escaping slaves were punished. There are several restaurants in the area that sell freshly caught fish and seafood–one of the most popular ones is the Terereru di Kultura.


The Pico Island is located in the archipelago’s southwest; the island is renowned for its Pico do Fogo, the highest peak of Cape Verde, standing at nearly 3,000 meters/9,000 feet of altitude. Travellers will climb to the top of the crater and admire the stunning volcanic scenery. Consolidated lava flows are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It takes about 5 hours to climb, and hiring a guide is a fantastic choice. For uneven terrain, travellers should take footwear and pack a sweater to wear at the highest altitudes.

Buracona/Blue Eye

The Blue Eye is another excellent Sal Island attraction to see. It is a natural pool with turquoise waters and several meters deep underwater cave, resulting from the crashing waves against the volcanic rock. While walking paths are available to enter Buracona, be sure to bring comfortable footwear. On-site, there is a café and a shop to pick up a souvenir to take back home. 

Santo Antão

Santo Antão is one of the most scenic and western islands of Cape Verde. It is the ideal place for hiking with mountains, valleys, and forests, offering various types of trails and difficulty levels.

Pedra Lume Crater

The Pedra Lume Crater in Sal is a vast volcanic crater now filled with salty seawater (which is called the Island of Sal). Interestingly, these warm pools have a higher mineral content than even the Dead Sea, so it’s perfect for your skin, and trust me, you are not going to sink. This is perfect for you if you are not a good swimmer.

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