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What makes you officially a Beach Bum?

When I realised that 80% of my photography took place on a beach or beside the ocean, I made a note to myself to shoot other objects and locations.  There are many beautiful forces of nature other than the ocean that constantly change, have a surreal mood-altering ability and draw you ever closer, right?

Well my intentions were good, but only until I spent part of the afternoon on a beach for WORK. Yes, I was paid to be on a beach.  Interviewing an awesome kite-surfer who initiated a beach cleanup to save the beach and environment, no less. Had I brought a wetsuit along and didn’t need to return to the office thereafter, I would’ve SUP’ed ( Stand up paddle board) along with the videographer and featured inspirational Capetonian.

So while the shooting continues in the waves( sadly there was no wind for kite-surfing).  I merrily watched on, supervised and shot more pics…of the beach.

This is why I was there:

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