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Bali Rich Villa’s: Ubud

In June this year we took some time off from our temporary home town in Malaysia to visit Bali. It wasn’t our first trip to Bali (our first experience there was absolutely terrible) but we were determined to make this one as good as it could be.

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One of the places we were really looking forward to exploring on this journey was Ubud. Last time we just drove through the picturesque town and saw so many incredible looking coffee shops, arty hubs, yogi’s and exquisite hand craft shops that we knew it was a place we wanted to stay in for at least a couple of days. [Spoiler Alert] We could probably live there for a few months every year to be quite honest, but time was limited and Bali is BIG!

Knowing that villa’s are big (and cheap) in Bali, we scrounged the interwebs and found Bali Rich Villa’s, a small cluster of villa apartments set up just outside of the main Ubud hub, which we thought would be the perfect location. Turns out we were right!

First Impressions:

We had rented a Jeep in Kuta and were exploring the Island on our on time (best way to do it) using Google Maps. Finding Bali Rich Villa’s was extremely straightforward which is always a huge relief when driving in a foreign country. Often we’ll find that places on Google Maps are listed in the wrong locations and that isn’t so fun. (Especially when you have to turn around and drive for another 40 mins in the direction you just came from!) But the villa’s were perfectly located so that wasn’t problem.

We parked in the big carpark out front and checked in with a very friendly man named Maday. Friendliness was something that we encountered throughout our stay actually. All the staff were well trained and often helped us without being asked.

Maday, our friendly host.

Campuhan Ridge Walk, Ubud


The Villa.

Our villa was huge! We had a private pool (which was actually quite small but great for quick dips), a comfortable outside lounge area and kitchen with all the things we needed.

Our room was simply ginormous. We literally could have thrown a party for 30 people in our bedroom. It was that big. And it had loads of cupboard space, so if you are bringing lots of clothes along – you are well covered.

In the next section we found an equally large bathroom with a glorious shower, heated floors, massive bathtub and a very large section with a mirror and twin basins for washing our faces and brushing out teeth.

The Restaurant.

We enjoyed all of our breakfasts at the restaurant which has stunning view over the thick tropical foliage of Bali. It is a perfect spot for bloggers like us to have a coffee and do a spot of writing too. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in the restaurant.


As well as private pools, the resort also has a main pool which looked extremely tempting. Unfortunately we never actually jumped in because we were having so much fun in our own pool! There is also a daily yoga class for anyone who wants to join.


We can definitely recommend staying at Bali Rich Villa’s – the location is perfect if you want to be just a little out of town (5 min drive.) It feels exclusive, the staff are brilliant, the restaurant has a wonderful view and it’s easy to find. Also, the villa’s are huge!

Negatives: We are always asked to include some negatives about the accommodation, (and it’s only fair) so i’ll say that the food could’ve been a little better and there wasn’t enough hot water in the cylinder to fill our amazing bath tub. That’s all I can think of.

Overall: we loved it.

Private Pool and Sun Beds

Monster room



Main pool.

Outside leading in to villas


Lauren and Bump 🙂

Suzuki Jimney Jeep

Just some of the views up here….

Thank you to Bali Rich Villa’s Ubud for making our visit possible. As usual, all opinions expressed are our own.

Image credits: Vaughan and Lauren McShane

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